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The dark nights and mornings are coming in and already i am clock watching working out how many hours of day light i have left to train my dogs ,me and my mates have had some great training sesions in woodland and roots plenty of birds to flush and pigions to shoot ,its great to see how far stuatrs and andy and kevins dogs have come on and craigs young bitchs too improving they have great noses and quick hunting styles ,all of them should be ready to enter trials at end of season around november time ,ive been getting my pack fit and trial ready for the early trials ,there is two this month then rest of them start in october,ive 2 litters of pups for sale ,angel ,doncaster star ,sire beaclue drummer ,and jazz whos mum is angel ,sire helmsway hawk ,has had a small litter ,sired by my own dog ,buzzlightning ,bruno they should make some realy nice pups ,both parents are very flashy and quick .Pipa scarlet dusk is due a litter sired by championship winner gryfinn,this weekend . 

 OPEN COCKER AT BARNNINGHAM ,,JUDGES MARK AND CARL CARLCLOUGH.This is always a good trial and always plenty of rabbits ,pipa ,scarlet dusk was number 15 .It was a very hard trial chasing the early dogs had the look and had short runs quick flush and retreives then some dogs had long runs for no flush only loose retreives  some dogs chased and some dogs missed game ,pipa was no15 she was ready for it and was flying when cast of she soon found a rabbit but was not shot ,then a good flush but not shot then a loose rabit was shot sent her and sraight,out and in no handling clean .yet again dogs going out for moving on flush and shot missing game ,even chasing .pipas last run was under mark carlclogh last dog in and all the guns for her she set of like a bullet realy looking for game and soon got a flush but missed then she had a flush on a grouse with chicks as the chicks flushed and took flight pipa caught 1 but soon released it ,never moved after that ,mark told me to carry on and then a loose rabbit shot sent for straght out and in ,job done im not just saying it but that was a clean run were all the other dogs had to handled im all ways honest with my self and never say my run was better than it was ,but my bitch gave every thing she had that day ,and clean 2 dogs were called forward wendy openshaw and steve winspear.i wasnt sure it was for first because both had issues in the body of the trail so when it came to giving 1st out i was quite shocked on the result pipa 3rd  steve 2nd and wendy 1st ..sometimes its hard to understand what the judges are looking for not too worry ill just keep going, The other thing is it was probley pipas last trial has she is in pup to championship winner gryphin,so these pups are sur to be speacial .

Early season rabbit trials are a good indication of how you novice dogs are going ,how fit they are and how they handle on blinds and runners ,the novice trial at bolton castle was brodie first trial and on his 1st run he had a long run and it was very hot and humid sent was  pooor he was running for around half a hour for 1 flush and retreive and i had to  handle him on to it ,by the time he was due to go into line for his 2nd run it was hotter and when i cast him of i thought he was flat which he is never like that ,after he had got a retreive and his run was over i found out that he had cut his pad no wonder he was flat ,it was very sore .the dogs that were in the awards all had short runs and were lucky to come into game quick ,thanks to the the host

and keeper for giving the land up for the trial .well done peter jones on the win a nice little bitch that just went clean .  

Saturday training day .PHIL ANDY AND KEV.


We set up in a trial formation were 2 dogs running and 2 guns shooting ,worked into wind ,you could see that the young dogs that had not been in sugar bet before took some getting use to heads carrying a little high but soon dropped them when they sented game ,andy and kev hunted up with wren a little bitch owned by andy and kev dog kia .wren took a little time to get going but soon after her 1st flush which i missed ,she was up and going ,kia soon come across a flush and moved on it as it was shot at good job that was missed too ,whoops. wren then got another flush were she sat to flush and watched away it was shot and wren was sent ,not easy to pick birds in sugarbeet and the senting was poor ,had to be handled and picked it and returned to hand a little messey .kia then got a nice flush and marked it well shot and sent for returned to hand cleanly.We then swopped over and they shot a few birds for my dogs which i will be trialing this season if i get a run .poppy whos in season hunted ok head a little high for me but yet again soon got under leafs when game was found .she marks great just like her mum angel .and delivers clean.Lydia my othyer novice bitch hunted great she too make easy work of marking and delivery clean well pleased .Andy then got dan out his cocker dog ,hes a strong dog and he finds it hard holding on to him and dan knows it ,he had a nice flush marked it and handled well on to it ,the senting was poor .but we had a great day ,Phill came with dot a springer bitch he wanted me to help him in getting her to handle out and to do left and rights ,the biggest problem was the stop whistle she responds to slow so we have gone back to basics to get her sharper responding and he has some home work to do .well done lads .   



Kevin came over with cai .ess dog ,we went on to some seterside and grasses ,he had been practicing quartering and turn whistle ,and trying to stop cai looking back ,as if he was asking him for what to do next ,dad ,this is due to over handling from a pup and not letting the dog find its own hunting pattern and also from droping to many tennis balls in to cover and the dog seeing you do it and then anticipating it happening ,it then gets hard to stop dog doing it .Cai has great pace and style and once he gets on with the job of hunting with intent to find game by him self ,he will do well ,i asked kev to try not to give cai eye contact when turning on whistle which did encourge him to stop looking back for orders and his hunting was more fluent ,he had a nice flush and retreive on pigione and a nice find on rabbit ,i planted a blind back for him ,hunted up and shot forward he asked cai leave that and sent him back for blind ,he had to stop and handle him to it but he responded to whistle and directions well .there was some pointers for him to work on ,and i know he will ,well done lads .

After he put cai away i got light on launcher out and set some very hard blinds up for ,angel pipa ,lydia ,poppy and bruno ,and brodie ,blinds set about 100 yards apart at 12 oclock 6 ,3and ,9 hunted up to launcher when near set it of dummie forward about 75 yards told them to leave that and sent them for other blinds when all 3 were picked in sequence i then sent them for the 1 fired forward it went brilliant ,well pleased kev couldnt believe how quick they go out and handle on stop whistle .as i said years of training to get a dog to this level .   


At begining of week young adam came over with archie for training lesson ,previous lesson i asked him to work on his quartering and responce to turn whistle ,which when he cast him of i could see he had put in the home work ,but the problem was this day archie had no drive or pace and he kept stopping and looking back ,as asking the questian what do you want me to do ,it was obvious he was getting fed up ,and this was frustrating adam and you could see it in his body language ,and dogs can read this too .so i asked him too call archie in ,when you only have 1 dog you can over train them there not robots they need to excited every now and again ,im lucky ive plenty of dogs and in a morning i free hunt them together and there competing with each other who going to find the blinds ive planted for them and i also encourage the young pups all the time making clicking noises and throwing things into cover so they see it and they go in with pace and drive ,i got my young cocker bitch out called star shes 7 month old very quick loves cover ,i then got adam to hunt up with me and star and asked him to encourage archie and at same time i would throw small dummies for them to find and battle for and if archie got it make a fuss of him so he feels good about retreiving it what a difference this made we kept this up for about 10 minutes ,he loved it and so did star ,we then put them on leads and sat them up and i threw a few dummies into cover asked to mark them and then walked away 50 yards sat them up took leads of and sent them back 1 at a time for retreives archie was a diffrent dog and adam was so much happier ,not mr glum .you realy have to keep changing training scheduals so they dont get bored and let them have fur and feather cold game ,when ever you can .well done adam and archie . 







Took my mate Kev and his 2 year old dog kye into forrestry for a training session ,last time kevin came over i gave him some home work to do and i could tell he had practised it ,he look ed more relaxed and dog looked more confidence ,the cover we hunted up was thick bramble and braken there was some game in front a few pigion tucked in to flush and kye was hunting nice good pace and head down he soon got his first flush ,sat nice to shot marked it and retreived to hand well done ,cast him of again and this time beacause he was pumped up he started to ignore turn whistle pulling on scent a little nothing too serious but some thing to work on as we dont want him to take in too much ground and start to flush birds out of shot ,but overall he did very good for a young dog ,a little tip i gave him was to plant some cold game and have kye hunting up on it and pulling him of it just keep him touching it and making sure that when you pip him he turns and hunts away when your happy that he is responding well let him pick it .i got out some of my exsperienced dogs and showed him what i meant and how to relax and let the dogs flow when hunting ,i showed him angel ,champion ship winner ,shes flying ,he couldnt believe how hard she hunts ,shes a speacial bitch ,well done kev and kye.  

SNOWING SATURDAY ,toook out all pups into swinow woods were i had planted some dummies and tennis balls ,they loved it getting there heads down below braken beds and finding balls and dummies they are very good at retreiving to and they dont mess about they just get on with it all natural ability .I  then planted cold game in a area about 75 yards from were i cast of the older dogs then fired shot and sent them back for retreives you could see them realy trying to scent cold game they had to work hard to find it ,it builds up there confidence and belief in them selfs ,if i find this time i can find again ,and again . 



Time to get things started .what i mean is at this time of the season i find it hard to keep motivated so i  have to introduce new training meathods so dogs dont get board and when you have so many dogs at diffrent stages of there training schedual it takes time and pactience ,,most mornings i now take them round the woodland on my bike to build up there stamina ,and at the end i will give them a drink and set some blinds up for them mostly just sending them back down a path way which they love doing this is just so they feel good about them selfs before i put them back in the box ,ill have a young pup watching a older dog doing this so they get the idea and copy them it works all the time .After work around 3.oclock,ill take dogs into crowie,s woods were there is folded braken and bramble plenty of rabbit scent to get the dogs hunting ,using cold game ill plant game the full length of the wood and put little markers so i know were they are and hunt dogs up so when shot fired i can handle dogs into area so when there near and get them to hold the area they will get chance to wind it and retreive back to hand ,its a great excersise builds the dogs confidence up ,i do this a lot with dog handelers who come for training lessons it builds up confidence between dog and handler .The young pups are now starting to take shape star and fudge young cockers are coming on a treat ,loverly hunting action and so bold .bruizer ,springer pup is a monster in cover he just gets on with it anything i plant he gets his nose down and finds it straght back ,to hand .also started running some scent lines out for them ,with a retreive at the end of it they love this it also gives me a oppertunity to see how confident they are and to see if they get there heads down and stay on the scent line ,its great to watch them keep coming off and on the scent line and find the retreive at the end ,they come back so happy .Im still waiting for angel and pipa to come into season it should be any time now ,still not too sure who to use on angel but ill choose when the time comes ,pipa is going up too wills to championship winner ,alls well they will make great pups Reluctently ive got a few dogs for sale so please look at dogs for sale thanks .



Im sorry ive not kept up to date with my blog as my lap top and web site been playing up ,ive also got a face book page open to start writing more serious training technics and more training tips ,ill try to give information of  daily routines on each dog and at what stage there at with there gun dog training.and put some pictures and vidieos of pups training .ill get this started over the weekend .  

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What a beutifull morning ,bright and dry ,craig ,andy and dean came over to do some more training and for me to see how they progressed from last time we got together ,we went into white grasses and reeeds fields and there was rabbits and pigion to flush me and dean stood iether side of andy and craig while they hunted up through the grasses and i could see when they cast there dogs of willow and dan they had put in the home work both dogs hunted up realy nice good pace and drive and both hunted with handelers a great improvement from last time dan soon come across his 1st flush but moved on it a little to much for me so i asked craig to send willow which he did and picked it back to hand ,she just a little reluctent to let go so some thing for him to work on ,hunted on and willow had a nice flush sat tight but dean missed it ,but willow sat steady to shot which was good .hunted on and dan got a nice flush on rabbit sat steady sent for retreive and back to hand he was a lot better and softer with retreive than normal which was good improvement,then i set up a couple of blinds for them going back ,so they would pass the blind and turn on the wind both made good jobs of this task .They then put away dogs and got out yong pups andys wren ,and craigs darcy ,the last time both pups were a little wild in there hunting so i asked them to concentrate on getting them into a nice quatering pattern and to turn a little quicker on pip of whistle well they had surely practised that wren looked nice and busy ,and darcey who is a little older surely lit my fire she had zest and finness,she has a nice hunting style very punchy.keep up the good work lads its showing now.  


I have 3 young pups on 1 springer and 2 cockers about 6 month old ,the dogs allways been bold and very forward with every thing he does ,he just gets on with it ,hunts up for fun and retreives brilliantly,and the cocker dog is the same but the little bitch cocker ,is a little sticky and always looking back ,as asking me what to do next ,but i allways saw something there in short spurts ,in a morning i always take out the pups first ,before letting them out of box in flattend braken i plant small fur dummies in a pattern so when there quartering they will scent them, well bruizer and fudge were always finding them 1st and you could see star was getting a little mift off well she upped her gears and she off, she head down and getting her fair share of retreives ,and she delivers to hand clean ,just a little time and patients and belief and all things will turn out for the best.


MONDAY 04,02,2013.WEATHER POOR BUT STILL GET OUT TO TRAIN .Decided to go into crow,s wood which is lined out with pine trees bit of cover from rain and snow ,its got braken bottom and brashings from fallen tree tops ,i set up a few blinds about 75 and 100 yards down wind from where i was parked ,which was good as i could get dogs out individualey ,i got out the younger dogs and sat them up and so that they could see me work angel and ,bruno and lilly and let them  see them sit to shot and send them back for long blinds one at a time ,just so they get the genral idea of what direction i want them to go back to where i had planted blinds ,after all the exsperianced dogs had had a few retreives i would fetch younger dogs over and send them back one at a time ,it worked well ,they soon got the idea of the direction i wanted them to go and what the the back signal ment .there was a hedge line just to follow too which helped ,I also changed my body posistion so that i was facing the dog so i could left hand or right hand him down the wood line to pick the retreives ,i think this exsersize is inportant ,as in a trial you may be asked to pick a loose bird ,which will alwasy involve direction work ,were you will sit dog upto whistle ,and send left or right or back ,and then say ,steady there or loss ,so its good to practise these tasks when you can .and it builds up the dogs confidence ,so that it doesent crack up under pressure of being handled onto game .With the young pups start with retreives a lot closer so they find them quicker and this also keeps them hungry for more .you can also drag a scent line out for pups so you can watch them get there noses to the ground and follow it to dummy,and see the excitment of finding it .put in the time and get th rewards .    




Andy and Craig came over with there springers and cockers for a training session ,we went on to some setaside and reeds there were some rabbits and pigions to shoot ,i asked them to line up as in a trial and hunt up into the wind and to make sure that the dogs had a nice pattern when they had a flush i would only shoot the find if dog sat up and still to flush ,first up was craig with his bitch his well bred ,by andy platts blood line she set of like a train she used to keep stopping and looking back but shes stopped that and hunted up brilliant and had a nice find on a bird sat to flush ,shot and sent came back to hand well done ,craig had put in some home work .Andy turn with 2 year old cocker very strong and quick he too had put in some time too stop the dog pulling and ignoring the whistle with a few tips he is mastering the dog which hunted well and had a few flushes and marked up and was sent and retreived to hand .we repeated this after dogs had a rest ,we got pups out wren andy pup is loverly little thing very quick and has nose down too she will make a nice bitch .craig pup darcy was a little sod ignoring criag ,he had a little chace after her and put lead on back to drawing board im well pleased with doth as they have lissend to what ive said and its paying of well done lads.                                            








Had all the dogs out this morning early doors in my favorite ,its a pine wood about 50m acres or more which is all bracken bottom and its all folded .First of i had all the pups out i had set up some blinds for them in a area of about 100yards because its so dence i tie a piece of white tape round the tree trunk so i can remember were i plant the dummies and gives me chance to watch them wind them and then hold them in the area a little longer so they can pick them .To start of with i let them free hunt as they are only 6 months old and it has them competing with each other to find dummies first its fetched on my little cocker bitch star brilliantly shes hungry for it now where she was a little sticky to start with .After a while ill put two on leads and let one at a time hunt up just to see if they are as hungry for it on there own and at moment its all working good .Then after giving them a recovery drink ill put them away and get the pups out that are 9 and 10 month old tommy and muskey are in for training and are coming on great they have a good hunting pattern hardly any whistle to make them turn and are always with me i had my mate lez with dummy launcher stood 20 yards to the left and right alterneratly and making a distraction noise and firing dummie forward getting them to sit to shot and mark ,send them if steady and return to hand this worked well ,they some times mess about with dummy when there presenting it but its not a big issue .ill give them both about 3 or 4 retrieves each and then put them away AMBER is a 12 month old cocker bitch which is my mates dog in  fortraining   good style and is looking to find game all the time ,ive took her away from hunt at moment and started setting blinds for her and getting lez to use dummy launcher for marked retrives shes handling loverly very confident ,she will be ready for start of rabbit season .The older dogs i just do a load of blinds with as tomorrow ill be shooting over them ,rabbits and pigine with my  trusty   hotshot freinds andy craig and dean dead eye stuart carnt make it ,the setaside area which is grasses and reeds has fallen loverly brilliant for rabbits to sit tight in .andy and craig have 2 dogs each which are coming for traing too .ill let you know how they get on .





I know the season for shooting and trialing is coming to a end but gun dog training never stops especially when you have pups and novice dogs ,i have 3 novice dogs that are just about ready to go into novice trials this season coming ,i am just starting to shoot live game over them ,and fine tuning there handling on to blinds that are difficult to pick ,ie thick cover and ditches ,and over paths and fences .which when in a trial all these senareos can crop up .Ive been running bruno this season in novices ,he has run in 4 trials and had 2 2nds and 2 cm ,would have loved a win but its not to be ,next season i hope ,he is a loverly hard hunting dog bags of style and rear end action .Pipa ,scarlet dusk has had just the same type of season 3 trials 2 2nds thats 5 in total ,its got to happen she has a leg up i would love to make her in to a champion she deseeves it ,she got a good report the last time i ran her in championships .My 2 young 10 month old pups ,out of larford cannon to my FTW bitch has took them home with him to do a little training with them and show them some live game on his shoot ,marley and blaze are both showing great promise , i know justins going to have his hands full there tommy and muskey are doing great too they both are learning quickly , .My 2 young cocker pups are coming on great ive got them both hunting the area close with there heads down ,and marking dummies well when i hold them under my arms and throw forward and then send them both dont give up until they find them .Bruzier 6 month old spriger dog pup is a beut ,he has so much swagger and head down hes retreves brilliantly .There is such a long way to go with these novice dogs and pups hours and hours of pacients and repetiveness ,but it all pays of in the end and most of all i love it .   


What a trip set of at 5.30 for a 3 hout trip got stuck in trafic jams and took us nearly 4hours 30mins .lookly the judges and club secertary waited for me and my dog Bruno ,buzzlightning ,we set of and walked to the woodland area and got first dogs in line it was a commersial shoot so what birds were there were running on although there was a good load of snow on all cover which was sparce in places 1st few dogs had long runs with no flushes ,d.bishope had a flush on a partrige and a good retreve then the next few dogs had loose bird getting up but not shot scenting was poor most bird were disturbed and not contact flushes and retreves were not marked as the cover was high and loads of handling was needed ,some dogs were using there exsperience and adjusting them selfs to try and mark the fall which you have to credit the dog for this .some dogs were put out for missing birds and abandening game .i came into line no10 the cover was clumps of brammble and coverd in snow bruno set of like a train hunting well and a good pattern a bird shot on the other side which took some picking ,so he had to sit freezing his gonads of poor thing you could see he wanted to get on with it cast him of again and hit bramble hard but no game kept him flowing but started to pull a bit as he was looking for clumps of cover to hit as he was coming out of a clump of bramble he desturbed a cock bird which flew back towards the gallery high into the tall pine trees he sat to flush and shot and watched the bird away well ,the bird was lightly hit and as it started to fall bruno adjusted him self to get a better mark on fall .i was waiting for the judge to tell me to send your dog but to my surprise he said im sorry andy thats 1 step too far ,once the the N/P judge has said that its no good arguing as he has made up his mind ,but in my opinion i would credit the dog for adjusting to mark the fall in woodland not put him out ,i didnt have to put stop whistle on him as i could see what he was doing ,a little bit negative in my opinion. i now there are rules but commence sence is needed when judging in these conditions .i came away after my run but was told the trial was won by d .bishop .There is 1 trial left ive a run in that so ill try again with bruno depending on the weather not getting too bad .          




sorry ive not kept up to date with blog ,being buzy at work trying to catch up with work i had delayed for championships , If some one would had said to me would you be happy with a c,m at the championships after the first day i would have said yes ,after watching half the field go out for missing birds ,not marking birds flushed ,bad handling ,sloppy retreves ,i knew it was going to be hard ,the conditions were poor scenting bad ,the ground hard so many places were birds tucked in and felt safe ,the first batch of dogs going out for missing game and then not marking flushed birds and failing to retreve them ,4 dogs went out one after another for failing to pick dead birds were judges went out picked up the brother went out early when robin lord missed a bird and it went back and was shot mark was asked to go over and pick it ,he got the snickers in the area but couldent pick it ,early bath for him crying .the fog kept coming in and out then a bit of sun shine ,the game was there and plenty but dogs had to work hard for it ,andy bennet ,vicky lawrence ,had early baths for missing game and both hunting well to .From what i saw there were some good 1st runs ,dez donnaly ,and willie edgar ,ian english, aubrey and eddie scott ,and antony morris who it was his first champion ships and his dog did him proud ,all these and some more had good runs on 1st day ,it was late around 3,30 and they were finishing of on to of a hill were there was good viewing, plenty of game ,davey lisset and jhon bailey ,had nice tidy runs ,good flushes and retreves ,jazz went well for her age ,has the day was called to a end there was still about 12 of us who didnt get a 1st run so we would have to wait till next day ,angel and all the other dogs were frustrated and cold so i waited till all the galery had gone and had a hunt up were they had allready been hunting ,she had a couple of nice finds too which i was pleased with .kevin powell, jerremey organ  and a few others had the same idea too .Went back to castle and they gave all numbers of dogs wanted for next day ,31 dogs eliminated Got back too cottage had a bath and then decided to bath angel too she was cold and shited up she realy enjoyed it just laid out in water dried her of and fed her and bedded her down in bottom of wardrobe on her bed ready for next day ,The next day we satrted of in roedidendrums and light bramble which was ok but cover was light in places game a little harder to find ,shooting a little harder too, it was soon my turn i follwed in kevin powell who had a nice run ,had to handle on to a retreve which could have been cleaner,I walked forward and shook the hands of greg ford and robin young took the lead of and cast 2012 championship winner of she had all the eyes of the gallery on her and she didnt dissapoint the ground wasnt brill but she made the best of it ,in and out of ditches and up and over trees she used the the full width of her beat and more sometimes looking for a flush and she soon got 1 ian openshaw soon had it shot ,told to send the dog marked it well straight out and in ,what a relief ,hunted on and she was on fire then pace picked up more and soon my 1st run was over job done thank you to the judges and guns ,when i went back to gallery i got some some good feed back my mates stuart and andy ,craig and his brother dan said it looked good ,i felt the same but i wish she could have had some thing a little bit more exciting to lift her above an A run ,i then watched ian Englishes run withch was brill she hunted and found some loverly birds and retreved to hand clean ,Antony morris had a good 2nd run so did davey lisset with jazz ,ian clark went well ,so many dogs with 2 good runs ,and still some dogs going out on 2nd runs for missing and not marking ,they nearly went through the card on all dogs taking there 2nd run but just left 6 dogs for last day so the duke could come and see some dog work ,went back to castle and listend to the numbers of dogs wanted back for last day some dogs who didnt get called back had only had 1 run they were dogs on A - runs ,my number was called out so i was well pleased there was 6 dogs who had there 2nd run to take on saturday .Got angel back to the cottage gave her a bath and dried her of and fed her up and settled down for night in wardrobe of corse .Didnt get a great night sleep just going over my run and what could happen the next day ,couldnt wait to get my 2nd run started ,We started the 3rd day were we finished the first day on top of the hill cover great hard too birds tooked in tight dogs having to use there noses to find them ,1st 2 dogs in and cast of gallery had great view to watch the last 6 dogs of championships ,but it was soon over for 5 of the 6 dogs simon jones ,out missing game ,dia ormand missing game ,1 of top dogs from 1st day Ian English out missing game ,kenin powell out missing game o.m.g.whats going on i was the last dog in, me and   angel and all the guns and every one watching went into line with addey slater and ivan ,judges ,i knew what i had to do so i cast her of and away we went she looked every bit a champion her speed and body style looked good her nose down looking for game ,and soon she banged up a cock bird marked it well and was shot by left hand gun ,was told to send her of she went it was about 40 yards in front couldnt see her just had to trust her ,billy left hand gun soon put thumb up to say she had it straight back carried on a little ferther and told they had seen enough .well pleased .got some good feed back from mates and gallery ,saying it looked good. the judges then got there books together and called 4 dogs forward which was interesting some folk thought it was for 1st place but i thought different i was sure it was for minor placings ,davey lisset ,aubrey ,ian clark ,a patterson from ireland all ran of with the duke watching ,it was good viewing for all and the duke ,the trial was then declared over we all went back too castle were people deliberated what they thought had gone clean and hunted well .we all gatherd at front of castle were the awards were given all the thank you out the way and onto the awards 8 dogs got c/m .once all the c/m had been given i thought a 4th would be good but that was a warded to ian clark 3rd to davey lisset with jazz ,o,m,g.i thought it was never going to be a double but it wasnt to be 2nd FTCH doncaster star as you can see in photos well pleased ,eddiie scott 1st .rolls reversed from last year .thanks to my mates for there surport ,and company ,we had a great time and a laugh .thanks to the judges and the host and all the helpers too .                

 Well its hard to believe that its nearly a year since i won the E.S.S.CHAMPIONSHIPS with angel ,FTCH DONCASTER STAR ,the season has gone so quick ,ive not run her in any open trials but ive kept her fit and done training days with her and she is the type of dog that doesent need to be encouraged to hunt shes a natural ,i know she will give her best and will not let me down ,theres no pressure on her her names on the trophy and no one can take it off ,we will go into line number 60 probley on friday and do our best and enjoy the moment while we can ,thanks to all my mates who have wished me and angel all the best and good look ,thanks to my mates who helped me with my preperations stuart ,craig ,andy ,dean ,thanks to ernie ,tash and his mate who have supplied me with game to train with . 



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This was a very good standard novice trial and the cover in places was very tough some dogs had blank runs and no cover and the lucky ones had nice cover and a few birds the judges Roy henshaw and terry frost tried to give each dog a flush and retreive ,but unfortunatley there wasnt enough birds on some early runs ,some handlers pulled dogs up with blank runs some dogs went out for missed game and damaging game ,i was no4 with bruno it was a long run cover was sparce dog before me had a blank run ,the wood came to a point at the end and bruno found a nice cock which i thought he had marked nice as he was sent he flushed a nother hen bird which was shot and missed which flew out into open field ,when i sent him again he follewed the hen bird into field and did not sit to stop whistle straight away which looked scrapy ,when recalled him in he winded bird and picked it ,could have been a lot cleaner. my 2nd run was in a heavey clump of bramble which suited him as he smashed it up and had some nice flushes and had 2 retreives ,that was his run over well pleased .i watched lyndsey cocker hunt well and malcolmn taylors dog went well addey slaters dog had a good run too ,there was some nice dog work ,at the end of the trial the winner was addey slater ,which did have 2 good runs ,malcomn and lyndsey and melvin alll got awards ..thanks to the keeper and land owner for allowing this trial .     



 The last cocker qualifier i had chance to qualify pipa has been canceled due to weather ,shes been going realy well and all the trials ive run in this season ive been placed or a c,m shes got another few years yet so ill just have to wait till next season to make her into a champion .i would have loved to had a run at sandringham but it wasnt ment to be .good look to all those who have qualified espeacialy my good freind will clulee.  



Ive been waiting for the frost and cold weather to drop the cover which is all fern and light bramble its perfect cover to train young pups in you can plant dummies and cold game under neath the folded fern and the dogs have to get there heads down and get unedr the folded cover and find the retreives ,planting tennis balls down below ground level and having the pups holding the area there is brilliant to watch just keep telling them steady there steady there and then just casting them of to another area were there is more tennis balls to retreive ,it realy does help them learn a good hunting pattern with there heads down to the ground .I also sit the dog up on the lead and throw dummies and cold game it to the area so it falls through the braken bed     then send the pups to retreive it knowing the pup has to get its head down under the cover to find it .it also builds up there confidence for when there hunting up through this type of cover ,ive been to trials were dogs bounce over this type of cover and it looks bad as its too easy to miss game which tooks in tight underneath the folded fern .

The more exsperience dogs are also tested in this cover when scent lines are run out and dogs are sent back for blinds of distances of upto 50 to 100 yards with it been a pine wood all the trees look the same so i will rap a piece of white tape around the tree where the blind is planted so if the dog does not quite keep on scent line i will be able to put stop whistle on the dog and hold it in the area with repeat blows on whistle and shouting steady there just the same as i did with the pups in earley traing stages with tennis balls ,it works for me ,once they gain confidence and trust in what you are asking them to do they will respond and find the retteive .

With the ground all looking the same its also brilliant for getting the dogs to mark the fall ,my mates will walk up in line with pistol blank and dummy or cold game and when i give signal fire pistol and if dog takes note of shot throw dummy and make sure that its mark the fall and send the dog to make sure it goes out to the fall area and find the retreive ,keep repeating this and the dogs will definnetley start to mark the fall better .




Just when you thought you might be in with a chance of a win some 80 odd year old man comes along and spoil it ,with a special 8 year old bitch ,I was no1 with pipa the weather was terrible and the cover was heavey thick bramble ,they had flayled rides in the bed of bramble which didnt help the dogs as they had to keep trying to find away in and out which as you can imagine it starts to be painfull ,there was good game scent and pipa set of like a train not been fazed by the cover and soon got a retreive on a loose bird straight out and in ,cast her of again all the dogs seemed to hunt out the tunnels of bramble the same didnt look brilliant but thats all they could do and did well to keep going in and out some dogs didnt face the cover and were put out some handlers just pulled dogs up because they were not entering the cover ,pipa had a nice contact flush on a cock bird and marked it well ,dave raynor told me to send my dog of she went but for some reason frank geraghty told his handler to send her dog ,so i was told to fetch my dog back in ,that was the end of my 1st run .There were some good dogs there and for what i saw there were some good runs as the dogs had to face hard conditions i didnt see the winners runs but they must have been good as jason atkinson and steve wansall and my self had good runs ,my 2nd run was even better than the 1st she had a better pattern and picked a blind pigion and a loose wood cock and then had a hen phesent ,and then got a nice flush on a cock bird 2nd run long and painfull.i knew there was a few dogs in with a shout and was not surpised to hear joes name called out for first well done joe ,2nd jason 3rd steve wasnsall ,4th garath davis c,m meself ,well pleased with pipa though .thanks to the keepers and land owner .and nigel and ann .  

COLD FROSTY WINTER DAYS LOVE THEMIve been waiting for the hard frost for weeks now to knock back some tall grassed and setaside fields so i can train in them ,its so much easier to set game up in them ,and the dogs can see the rabbits flushing and they can take better lines on them when watching them away ,,ill take 2 dogs out at a time and have 1 hunting and the other to heal, if the dog hunting has a good find and is steady to shot then ill let him or her have the retreive but if it moves on flush then ill sit him back up and let the other dog have the retreive just to get them use to other dogs running by them for retreives,this realy test the dogs steadyness ,then ill repeat the excersize with other dog ,it works well .With pups i would start this type of excersize with dummys ,hunt up with one dog have 1 on lead ,hunting dog sit to shot throw dummy past the dog so he can mark it and then send the other dog of lead by him testing steadyness ,once happy with this you can move onto game ,cold or live .

Saturday 08.11.2012 open springer 3 tees 


photos took by lee archer photography

 miss superea sparkle ftw. 


Theres a lot of you dog handlers who are just starting in novice trials who are finding it hard to get a run and then put 2 runs together and then get a win to be able to enter open satakes well when you do they are 10 times harder to win there is no margin for error ,i watched 3 dogs go in and out `1.3.5.for faults that were marginal but its a open stake only the best dogs in the country get to the chmpionships .i was running lilly ,miss superea sparkle ,she was drawn no16 so i had a long wait the cover was good and dogs had to work hard for a flush .some had long runs and no flush some were fortunate and had 2 flushes ,we kept moving ground from fern to bramble to grasses when it was lillys time thick brammble she set of like train ,its noe easy hunting bramble but she made it look easy she tooks under it ,and she soon had her first flush a big donkey like hair ,she sat loverly and watched it away  but for some reason no 1 shot it ,i nearly shouted shoot it shoot it ,but that woundent go down well ,the judge then told the guns to shoot them ,bit late tho for tilly ,carried on hunting flushed wood cock but gun didnt see it carried on hunting then the other dog had a running cock bird he was sent for made a good job of it but didnt pick it ,so i was tried on it ,she made a good job on it but it had gone both dogs coverd the ground well ,i was took back into lane mark said to hunt up a little further and that will do just make sure you get a retreive on the other side ,but as i cast her of she flushed another cock bird well the left hand gun must have thought he would make it a sporting bird and gave it 40 yards and then shot it but yet a gain pricked it and of it went like a stag asked to send her she got to the fall like lightening ,and of she went into the woods and as she went on a line she was flushing birds left and right but sat to flush on every 1 but the cock bird had gone when they run there quick ,called her in and then the other dog had a go malcomntaylor tried his dog who also made a good job no joy at this point the judges asked us both together and told me the senario that had happend has lilly flushed the cock bird malcs dog had found a cock bird that had a wing down and karl the judge had deemed that that was the bird that we both had tryed to pick earlier that this was that bird ,well i was a little shocked to say the least ,i do understand the rules and that malc had eye wiped us both ,but there had been 4 or 5 pricked birds earlier on and all in the woods we were in ,and the bird that malc was 1st dog down on was seen running away from the line to the right ,but the judges word is final and he must do what he thinks was right ,and he was sure that was the bird . so we were both eliminated ,the eventual winner was antony morris ,with a nice 3 years 6 month old dog ,well done mate see you at championships 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Paul neil allways puts on good trial here the cover is very testing,dogs had to work hard to find  game ,and tested there bravery to enter cover ,,the judges were gary vasey and steve charlton ,Bruno was drawn no 1 his first run was under gary ,the first piece ground to hunt is a thick hedge row and bgd bramble bushes cast him of and with pace and drive tore the bushes and bramble apart ,he just loves to hunt nothing fazes him ,he soon had his first flush big cock bird ,flew out into the field but thye gun didnt shoot it as he was told not to shoot any birds that flew into field gary soon alterd that get them down he said ,he carried on with great drive and soon got another flush out into field lifed him over barb wire fence and sent him picked bird and back to hand ,1st run done well pleased ,I watched a few dogs have there runs some went good and some went out for running in and missing game ,and for not entering cover ,I had two dogs in they were 1 dog short so i gave poppy her 2nd trial under steven and cast her of she started well and soon had a find marked well and returned ,cast of again the bramble was thick and tight she was trying to get in but i could see she was starting to questian it but as look happens she flushed another bird ,which flew towards the gallery and run sent for bird but as she was going out they shot another bird which distracted her told to leave that fetch she was soon on the 1st bird running and took a good line and returned with it ,job done .It soon came round to brunos 2nd run i folled in lee cooper is little bicth went well but had a blank run ,shame .cast bruno of under steve ,and he was realy flat out hitting cover full on ,but he was hunting for at least 25 mins without a flush but he didnt drop a gear was well pleased then he flushed a wood cock which was missed by my guns and shot by right hand guns 50 yards away i was asked to walk him to heel and given a mark cast him of and he tried his up most but couldnt wind it ,called him in and addey slater asked to have a go but he too failed ,judges walked out it took them 5b mins to find it it was well buried under a tuft of grass both of us out well miffed of ,but thats trialing ,both judges liked him and gary said he was his best dog up to then .he gave me every thing i know he will win and sure he will go all the way he can only get better .Poppys 2nd run was going great up to the point were she was confrunted with thick bramble when she started to questian it ,she was then asked to pick a loose bird 2nd dog down ,but failed i could see she had had enough ,so gary said that will do ,all tho i came away again with nothing there was positives bruno his flying ,and poppy on grasses loooked well smart.Got open qualifier on saturday with pipa weather permitted ,she too is going great. thanks to paul niel for great ground and game ,and to the judges and helpers .  

saturday 24.11.12 open cocker trial belvoir castle.E.M.G.C.

This was a good trial the ground was very testing for all dogs ,with hedge rows ans dykes to hunt out to start with pushing birds back towards the woods for later .Pipa ,scarlet dusk was no7 the last 2 trials ive had with this bitch has been disasterest ,she pulled me all over but ive worked on that and today she deliverd ,i cast her of under mark clifford and had to work a deep dyke and hedge row ,i follwed peter jones in and he had a few birds flushed out so it looked prmissing and it sure was pipa had a contact flush on a cock bird in the bottom of dyke came out towards my left hand gun wayne greg who hit it hard and dead sent her out into field and has she winded it she flushed another bird right of her nose sat up and ignored it and went on to pick dead bird back to hand ,carried on and straight into another bird which flew forward and over towards rod chapple but missed ,that was my first run over ,well pleased ,viewing was not very good and but from what i saw some dogs struggled with the conditions pulling on miss marking ,there was a very good standard of dogs tho and not many went out .We then moved on into woodland where the cover was dence bramble and thick piles of brashings but the game was there to be flushed ,and we soon got thrugh the dogs mark clifford had finished all his dogs so frank garraherty the other judge had the wood to him self ,It was soon for pipas 2nd run and she was up for it she hit the cover hard and with good pace and behaving single pip on whistle now and again just to let her now where i was as it was thick in areas ,a loose  wood cock was flushed to my left and i was walked forward it wasnt a straght forward retreive has there was a small car trailer in the wood in a clearing and the ground was leafy bottom the wood cock was resting up against the trailer wheel half burried by leafs, sent her back for bird but had to handle her as there was no scent coming of it has for were it was laid ,but has she hunted the area she winded it and returned to hand ,cast her of again and soon had a good contact flush of her nose sat to flush and bird was shot forward and landed in pen ,sent pipa for it and had to walk her to gate straight out on in with big live cock bird ,2nd run over there was  a couple of dogs to go and then trial over and the judges then tottedup the books ,you now has a handler if you have had a good run you carnt see all the other dogs only the ones you follow in but if your honest with your self you now if your dog has hunted hard enough and gone clean ,and pipa had today ,and when they called 2 dogs forward for a run of  and pipa wasnt called i thought there must have been some good runs by other dogs ,steve wansall and robin lord ran of which robin won ,the results were robin 1st steve 2nd ,pipa ended up with a C,M ,the judges said the standard was very high as there were 6 dogs on 2 a .I couldnt have asked any more of pipa today im sure that win will soon come as she is the most atracive and very fast hunting cocker ive seen .many thanks to mark cliiford and family for putting on a great trial and his wife for the food . 

wednesday 21.11.2012 lincs open ,

What a day it rained all day and the ground which i knew from before is a bit tough in places and bur in others you hunt up through a valley on enbankments no 1 and 3 went in with no flush and only 1 retreive ,so i knew it was going to be hard lilly no5 cast of under mark clifford she set of with pace and enterd cover ok the bramble bushes were tough and dence ,but no game she had to keep stoping waiting for the other side to catch up ,and after a bout 25,mins she started to drop pace and questian the cover a little ,dont blame her there was no game as it had run on to the end ,after 35mins all that i had got was a loose woodcock to pick ,a lot of dogs were having blank runs and then the dogs who were in at the end of the enbankments would get multipull flushes which is the look of the draw ,i soon came back into line under wayne greg cast her of in wood but no cover to hunt in nor game she was looking for something to get into for a flush ,she pulled me towards the right i blew her up but she stopped and went a gain stopped her and called her in but for somr reason wayne put me out not sure what for tho but wasnt too botherd as i had poor first run not dogs fault tho .it was a hard trial to win as you needed a lot of look and im so pleased that my good mate gerry mehan won with his FTCH dog ,paul 2nd and g , vasey 3rdIshould have been running her tmrw but shes too tied to run well sore she is ,there will be a nother day .   




sugar Bullet Gun Dodg

monday 19.11.2012.dukeries E.S.S OPEN.KNEESELL.

The cover is thick brambel in woodland with laid brashings coverd with leaves the dogs had to work hard to find the birds ,i was running lilly ,miss superea sparkle  a 5 year old bitch she a little pocket rocket who loves hard cover ,its her 1st outing in nearly a year and only done about 6 trials ,i came into line behind sam fullwood ,who was no 2 she had a long hard run for no flush ,so i thought it might be the same for me ,judge george wilson told me to take a strip of wood up and move a bout to try to find game so i cast her of and head down of she went getting right down under the bramble coverd with leaves the birds were sitting tight as they felt safe and only the dogs that coverd the beat between 2 guns were going to find the game ,and lilly soon proved this right of the nose end she pushed a cock bird out marked it and it was shot forward 30 yards on ,told to send my dog by judge she went straight out to fall and straight back in to hand text book hunt find flush retreive ,hunted on and then told that will do you ,short and sweet .There was a few dogs going out for miss marking and missing game ,some didnt get retreives ,after getting to the end of the wood we turned round and fetched the other side back down with wind behind us so the dogs had to hunt a back beat wind ,which with some dogs causes problems as they tend to pull on and you end up using a lot of whistle ,it was soon time for lilly to have her 2nd run under gary vassey ,the cover was lighter and patchy so i had to makr sure she kept a good quartering pattern so she didnt pull on to clumps of bramble she soon had her 1st flush sat loverly but guns missed ,hunted on and had a double flush 1 shot forward at 10 past about 40 yards on which fell between the pen fence and a pile of brashings so she had to get between to wind it but not a problem no whistle straight out and back to hand ,cast of a gain into pen had a contact on a cock bird shot forward which was a runner sent for but has she went forwasrd the was birds getting up all over she kept it together didnt go chasing any and then the judge asked me to call dog in has it was thought the runner had gone staight thrugh the pen and we would desturb to much game hunted on again ,it seemed i was kept in for ages ,she hunted brilliant ,found a nice hen that was missed hunted on and then banged a cock bird up which was stuck in brashings and bramble blew her up but she had hold so i called her in and then saw it had a wing broke so we think it could have been the pricked bird from early on she flushed ,which was fortunate for lilly ,i thought that run was as good a run that id had for a long time very productive and full of action she did brilliant.even when things were happening on the other side she sat composed .We moved ground and there was about 6 dogs left to run the cover was thicker and game came to hand some birds were missed ,so some dogs didnt get retreives on both sides ,as lilly did .At the end i thought iwas in with a shout and was surprisedwhen i was not called forward for a run of with martin hook and robin lord ,from what i could see there was not a great deal between them in hunting but what i can say is that if lilly had been in that line she would have left them for dead ,has a handler its hard to see what the judges want to see sometimes when it comes to toting up there books ,to see who is in the mix for top places ,lilly was awarded a c,m robin got 1st martin 2nd ,think ian english got 3rd .You dont get chance to se all the other dogs runs so only by talking to each when they come out you get a general idea how otherdogs have done ,both lilly run were productive ,so the dogs that were awarded above her must have been outstanding ?.thanks to the game keeper and land owner has the ground was very good and testing .tHANKS to the guns syd and his team ,ivan bannister and beryl too,     

monday 13.11.2012 novice cocker .east midland gun dog club


Brodies 1st trial ,hes 17 month old ,i was no 2 running under gary smith ,i had a pond edge to hunt out and a hedge bottom not the idel ground to hunt he had a nice find under hedge sat well sent and retreived to hand ,then he hunted out a pond edge and found a nice cock bird which was shot forward ,it was a ruuner and ran into pond bottom when sent there was a mulitple flush and he spotted a cock bird running over a water spill but then the bird lifted ,so i sat him up and recalled him in when then he winded wounded bird picked and retreived ,1st run over ,when we moved ground the bramble was thick and a few dogs went out when i came into line and cast him of the bramble was 4 foot high impossible to see him at times ,a bird was shot for the other dog but not picked so i was asked to pick it when sent i think he picked a other bird and when i sat him up and rehanded him he picked it .eyewipe no 1 ,we walked the bramble bed it was too thick ,back into wood cast him of and hunted nice then he flushed a nice hen which was missed then a wood cock was shot for the other side ,he failed to pick it i was then asked to pick it he was sent back and soon winded it and flushed it but i thought it was a diffrent bird because it lifted up a bout 10 feet and then came down he sat brill i then told him to fetch and he worked it out brill ,picked it and fetched ,hunted on and came to end of beat to a ride where the other dog had a bird shot for him but didnt mark it and brodie did ,he sat but fidgeted a bit and when the other dog came running by him he couldnt sit still so i called him in by name to my side when instructed by will clulee judge ,then the other dog was running to wards the road when will kept shouting call your dog in hes going near the road and at 1 point when he shouted loud brodie jumped back and yipped which was unfortunatley the end for brodie ,the possitives was he held it to gether for most of his trial runs ,and to get 2 eye wipes and 4 flushes 4 retreives in his 1st trial he did realy well .well done to arther on his win and the 2 ladies on there 1st trial to be in a run of .thanks to craig horwell for organising a brill trial .

Saturday 10.11.2012 .trial a huttons hambo open cocker .

After my bitch pipa last week pulled me all over i spent all week pulling her in back in and on thursday i went out with her with a mate and hunted up a hedge row while he shot over her ,and she went brillant hunting both sides and returning back to me with no whistle ,flushed a rabbit on the other side of edge where lez was and couldnt see me sat brill lez shot it and told me she sat waiting to be sent ,said fetch straght out and in ,to hand ,carried on and she flushed a partridge under some bramble sat without whistle ,bird shot out in field and marked well sent her found and retuned to hand ,well pleased ,so what went wrong with her in the trial she was a diffrent dog the cover was tough but good ample game ,and scent ,cast her of under andy platt ,set of brilliant but soon started to ignore me and the whistle it was embarissing and to have run her in the championships in 2010.and gone so well and have had 4 2nds with her i didnt exspect it .she had 2 good flushes of nose but she was 20 yards of so guns couldnt shoot them ,eventually she pegged a cock bird under some thick bramble ,called her and put lead on .i could have straggled her back to drawing board .   



Bruno buzzlighning ,first dog in this his hard cover big clumps of heavey bramble only the brave and foolish finish these trials ,bruno had a long first run in for about 20mins or more before he came across a bird which was tucked in tight bramble and to get it to flush and fly was a task as he had to push it out ,when shot about 25 yards on i was told to send him ,never thought he could mark it from beneath the bramble but 1 cast out and he was returning with the bird well pleased ,hunted on for a short while and judges alex badger and andy cunningham said that will do you . ater i came out a lot of dogs struggled with the thick bramble and the judges wasnt happy with some dogs and the handerlers were too werent happy so a lot went out ,some for missing game too ,Sam fullwood had a good run with her little bitch on both runs took a good runer on her second but unfortunatley let the live bird go .no 12 vicky lawrence had a good run in her first trial and first dog ,my second run went just as good has my first good hard hunting in some thick cover it was hard for him to show his true pace as the cover shadowed this but found a nice hen bird tucked in and pushed it out of the nose end it could have been quite easily missed ,shot in front by paul the keeper 2nd barrel fell in to tree and landed behind not easy retreive ,sent him out and worked the area brilliant ,picked the bird and straight back to hand ,paul rawlings commented and said the dog worked that flush out well and marked it well to from where he was .dave templer told me to carry on   cast him of for a short while and that was that,well pleased shook there hands and thanked the guns ,The few dogs that were left was finding it hard still some having blank second runs some missing game still ,but eventully last 2 dogs in got retreives ,and trial was over ,with what i saw i thought i was in the awards and the normal banter the lads thought i had won it and make it a double for the the whitehouses has my brother mark won the open the day before , but the luck was with the ladies and vicky lawrence won and i was seconnd again thats 3 2nds on the trot ,she must have gone well to beat bruno so well done vicky , ill rest him noe and just exsercise him for next trial is saturday at belvoir castle bramble again ,we ask so much of these dogs and in return we must look after them and nurture them when needed,ive bathed his sores with a salt water and antiseptic wash and sudacreamed the sores hes a strong hard dog he will be back at it on saturday .  


At last ive a field trial run with bruno on Tuesday at witham on the hill ,i know the cover well its heavey brambell and fern and brashings ,normally the game is plenty and all dogs get the oppertunaty to shine .Also ive a open run with pipa on wednesday at barnacer ,hoping to get a bit of look and make her into a champion .

Sunday 04.10.2012

It was a great relief to finnaly meet tommy and muskey owner ,Glen ,at last i had the oppurtunitie to show him how much hard work ive put them to make them good shooting dogs ,i took him to a nice piece of grassed land with scent and showed them hunting up and sitting to shot and throwing a dummy on cold game and set some blinds up which they both well ,he vwas very impressed with there ability at just 7 months old it made a happy man to know that he respects the hard work ive put in ,cheers mate .



Thursday 01.11.2012

I would liked to take this oppertunaty to thank ,some good friends who are helping me train my dogs for compertitions,  and the land owners who allow me to train on there land ,richard crow ,the skelton family ,richard dave and donald ,and steve smith ,craig benson also who got me permition on a bit of rough land near his works unit ,without this land i could not train my dogs to a high standard .Also to mr Kevin mcdonald who gave me 2 large grass fields to train in there brilliant as there all grasses and hold rabbits ,plenty of scent ,brilliant for pups ,and training lessons.many thanks to you all . 

Anice picture of jessy stuarts pup ,out of my bitch lydia ,sired by beggerbush taff .litter sister to bruizer


saturday 27.10.2012

Team training session ,Craig Andy ,Stuart ,we went into the forestry with box full of birds ,the cover was light and heavey bramble and firn ,some brashings ,stuart has a cocker dog fin whos seems to blow hot and cold he needs loads of scent to get him hunting at pace and with intent ,not had a great loads of  game shot over it but behaves him self ,Andys cocker is totally different ,he has great pace and good hunterbility but some times hes out of controll he seems to hunt for himself and he needs to show more respect for his handler if andy get a grip of him he will make a good dog .Craigs dogs are a lot younger but have great potential craig just needs teaching how to get best out of them and build up his confidence , but it will come when he keeps coming to training sessions .We set it up as a trial with a dog on both sides of me as i was shooting for them ,i was watching them hunt up and if i was happy with the pattern and pace i would set up a flush for them ,if they were steady to flush i would shoot the bird and if they were steady to shot i would let them retrieve the bird ,when moving on to live game the temptation to move to flush and shot ,as this was prooved today ,both dogs had a little hic up ,1 moved on flush the other on shot ,but thgis is to be exspected as this is a learning curve and until you go through this practice a few times you wont get it right and after a few hic ups things got better ,in stead of both handlers chasing there dogs down for moving on flush or shot ,they could stop them on whistle ,they might have moved a little but that will stop with practise .both dogs marked and retreived well .Craigs lesson involved in learning how to get willow 17 month old  hunting up on her own ability ,he just needs to encourage her a little more, get some scent under her nose we also  worked letting her have some marked retreives which she  did well ..darcy is 8 months old a liverly little bitch ,he needs to keep practicing on her retreiving back to  hand  and bonding with her and gain her trust ,so she doesent keep running away with retreive .

After we had finished training there dogs  they helped shoot over my dogs ,which complicated as stuart had hardly shot a shot gun and with him been blind in 1 eye and carnt see out of the other so he depended on sound of the flush and i had to tell at what oclock the bird was flying, sucsess rate was low as to be expected .the firns were a little tooo tall for andy to get a good view of the birds flushing so he had to depend on satanding on tree stumps to get a good shot ,well done lads thanks for your help.

This bruizer 4 month old hes a brute he wont stop eating what a loverly dog .carnt wait to see how big he grows ,stuart has his sister shes a very buzy bitch .


thursday 25.10.2012

EXCITED got my first trial of the season ,novice E.S.S at dalighill ,im running poppy its her first trial ive spent all week just fine tunning her shot some birds for her had her flushing and sitting up whilst another dog went for retreive ,shes realy on fire ,hope theres plenty of game ,so she can show her self ,she hunts just like her mum angel ,championship winning bitch ,sired by joker cole .Ive just got running card back for open cocker is what i want mostly to get a run for pipa ,im desperate to get her qualified as she has a leg up and having 3 seconds in last 4 trials so im well pleased to get a run at barnacer resivour .

What a relief training  sesstion ,what i mean is my mate stuart finnaly nailed a partridge with the shot gun .it was costing a fortune in missed birds ,he just couldnt hit any thing that got up or run ,i couldnt understand why ,we trained in a open field so vision was good ,there wasnt much wind either ,so on the next flush i kept a eye on him to see what he was doing wrong ,the bird was flushed loverly by poppy ,he raised the gun and shot ,hes right handed so his leading eye was his left eye butr he was closing this and keeping his right opend no wonder he was missing in fact when he shot im sure he shut both .lol. when corrected he soon got his eye in and took some nice long birds out even gave me a couple of runners ,We changed over and he hunted up with his cocker fern ,who after flush and retreve realy lifted his pace and drive its the best ive seen himn hunt for a while ,his marking was better too ,a little sloppy on stop whistle tho so i told him to practice this just in case he has to sit him up on a blind and hold him in the area to find shot bird ,well done mate .   

Wednesday 17.10.2012.

The frustrating side to gundog training is when the season starts for triailing and you have put in all the basic and advanced training technics to your young novice dogs ,and i mean shot over them with fur and feather ,of which will of cost you in paying for game and travelling to the training grounds ,of which are of a good distance from where you live ,diesel at high cost ,time from work ,ear ache of your beloved for being gone all day ,and then when you enter the trials which is drawned fairly out of hat you end up in reserves at number 40 on wards ,i know its look to get drawn out but you could get your dogs firing on all cylinders and not get a run ,its not easy keeping them keen and ready to trial at novice age if you dont have good training facilities ,ive been lucky that the grounds near to me that ive permission on have both fur and feather ,so if im drawn out and get a run i can go and take the dog to the ground and get her or him polished up ready for trial . ive enterd 6 novice and 2 open stakes and ive just got my 1st run with the yorkshire gun dogs at dalhagill with poppy ,she is 2y 6months ,out of doncasterstar to joker cole realy excited about this little bicth shes very flashy and exstremley quick . As for entering the trials you just have keep sending the entrys in and hope you can get pulled out of the hat ,and then if your dog is ready and polished up ,hope you get the ground for your dog to be able to show what it can do, and through exsperience thet does not always happen .   

Mid week training session .

What a training session we had, stuart andy  dean and craig david ,no just kidding just craig ,bought some parts in and set up a trial senario were two dogs hunting up and had two gun shooting for  them ,it was first time for all the dogs so it was interesting ,the ground is just tall grasses so it was easy to set birds up for flush ,most of the dogs moved a little on flush on there first birds and also ran in when shot ,but to be exspected ,they were corrected and the next time was better ,they all marked the fall well to and when sent returned to hand .I think they are starting to understand to what a high standard is needed to get a dog up trialing standard and just how much game you need to get them rock steady .But in you are determined and hungry enough to want to compete then you have to stick at it ,well done lads .craig has a nice young bitch very liverly will do well if he sticks at it ,look forward to the next one . thanks to my mate justin for coming over to help out shooting over dogs and picking up training tips for his dog that ive got in for training marley ,he took marley and blaze home with him for weekend he took them pigion shooting and he said they behaved well ,picked some birds which was good for them ,well done mate ,i bet kate and kids enjoyed having them over for week end . 

Mid week scare ,the problem with having a kennel full of dogs that all want to get in the dog box first they dont all walk to heal so i normally just take 4 at a time but because i was late from work which wasnt going to plan i let them all out they all walked to heal for about 10 yards then they set of running for box the middle big gate was partly a jar and the gap was only big enough for 1 dog so neo got it wrong and hit the gate post , i thought he had broke his neck but luckly he had give him self a kind of wip lash so the vet said ,gave me some metacalm ,hes mending ok .so its back to 4 at a time .thanks for reading


Sunday 07 10 2012

Had a great day fine tuning the dogs i will be trialing this season one at a time i hunted them up the full length of the field which has loads of game in , I took out bruno ,buzzlightning ,and neo both very good hunting dogs cast of bruno and soon he got a flush of end of nose from under a bramble bush sat brill to flush my good freind lez shot it with first barrel .sent him straight out and picked it clean retreive .hunted up a little more and then swapped over and cast of neo a 16 month old dog ,who is ticking all the boxes ,he very stylish and has good pace a bit sticky tho so i have to keep encouraging him to get on and today he performed as well as he has ever done ,and soon got a nice flush ,didnt shoot it tho ,gone away ,and got him to hunt on that flush realy made a change he never had to be asked again to get on and soon got a nice flush on a cock bird it was shot he sat tight to shot and i sent him for his first bird of the season and returned to hand .Then i swopped dogs over and did the same with 3 other pairs also did some blinds back on cold game which worked well .its important to try all things that might occur in a trial and implanment them to the book which will only benefit you and the dog .

Fiddy and jazz pups out of angel are just starting to mature and gain confidence ,they are hunting realy nice and low and nose to floor they both retreive just like there mum and dad helmsway hawk ,nice and clean .

Marley and Blaze whos sire is larford cannon and sweet lydia of harworth .are in true compertion with each other when you cast them of there always trying to out do each other in hunting and retreiving they both have a great style which is exciting to watch they are only 7 months old and far more advanced that that which is good for me and marleys owner justin .

Muskett and Tommy are also coming on well with there training scheduel ive got them hunting up with a good pace and they hunt with intent as if they are looking for something ,they sit nice to shot and steady when dummy thrown and mark fall good they also retrieve to hand .   


A nice picture of FIDDY sat with retrieve and MARLEY AND BLAZE sat rock stready as he comes in with it .these 2 pups are coming on great .


Thursday 04.10.2012 Tea time training ,

There comes a time as a dog trainer when you have to make desition when you think its right to introduce your dogs to live game ,after spending months steadying them up on stop whistle and direction work ,holding them in a area you want them to hunt before letting them hunt on ,ect .and then letting them retrieve cold game to hand ,well today was the day i thought my training freinds andy and stuart who have been coming with there cockers Dan and Fin were ready ,they both have exsperinced live rabbit flushes of which both at the start had there handlers on there toes wearing there trainers chacing down the dogs which was chacing the rabbit ,but they soon got the idea that they had to sit to flush and watch the rabbits away ,by this time both handelers had reached there fighting weights ,lol.I blessed with a piace of land thats very dence with tall grass and thistle ,bramble ,some dead cowslip ,and nettle good spanial ground and testing for cockers ive fed this up with corn for yaers and holds wild birds all the time and now where to go for flushes ,so itook my my adult dogs ,bruno ,poppy angel ,tilly ,lydia .and 2 cockers pipa and brodie ,and then i had Andy and Stu walking there dogs on lead to heel ,then i started to hunt my dogs 1 at a time up and down the field getting them to contact flush birds and making sure Dan and Finn were seeing the the flushes and having andy and stu sitting there dogs up on flush ,you could see there excitement of seeing these birds take flight after i had flushed a bird a piece for my dogs ,and iwas sure that dan and finn were ready to have a go i set them up 1 at a time and had them hunt into wind for there first flush on live phesents ,as i waled behind i could tell were the birds where because my exsperienced dog were winding them so i dirercted them into the area and soon got them a flush they did realy well for there first time ,its not easy hunting out nettle and thistle on setaside but as a hunting dog you to be able to adapt to all types of  covers , after they had both had a flush i let them hunt up again and made a pheasent noise fired pistol and threw cold game forward so they could get a retrieve i was stood about 20 yards away from handler so they had to get a good mark on the fall of the bird both dogs performed well .and retrived to hand ,all tho they had to stop and remouth there bird but with exspereience they will get bettre .well done lads keep up the good work .        



Traning buddy stu  with his pocket rocket tilly nice cocker.  



Saturday 29.09.2012

thanks to my mate steve smith ,he allowed me to train on his grassed land and stubble fields ,to my surprise today there was loads of game to flush loads of scent for young pups to hunt up on ,its got great long hedge rows to send dogs on straight back retrieves ,I took all the experienced dogs out first the ones i hope to trial this season ,had my mate lez carry gun as i hunted up dogs throgh seterside ,he also had cold game in bag ,so that when i got a good flush and they watched it away he would throw the game in that direction and fire the shot gun with blanks in so the the dog could watch the fall and get a retrieve ,it works so well .there was plenty of game to flush too early to shoot tho .

Ithen took out dogs of the age of 12 to 16 months used the same field for scent ,and set up my light on launcher this is a great piece of training kit with the remote to operate it at distance ,started to hunt them up and keep them quartering in a good pattern like a figure of 8 there was good scent on dummy launcher as it had a rabbit skin on when the dog scented it and if it was in flushing distance a couple of yards i would opperate the remote make sure dog sat to flush and made sure they watched it away and marked the fall ,if all this happend then i would let them have the retrieve ,its important they mark the fall there nothing more a judge likes than a dog that hunts up finds game sits to flush marks the bird away and goes straight out to the fall and retreivevs to hand .Im blessed with some good dogs too many tho . Tilly lydia poppy ,neo fiddy and jazz all springers are all ticking the right boxers they just need a little more game shot over them .

The pups are just 7 months old they are hunting realy good noses to ground and responding to the the whistle on turning to single pip ,they sit to stop whistle to ,just started them on sit to shot too ,throw dummy forward and send them for retreive.all going good .

Then theres my 15 week old pups who i took out for the first time ,they loved the grassed fields and open space i took a bit of tripe to drop round my feet just to keep them hunting up near my feet and a little encouragement by saying steady there ,ive 2 cockers and 2 springers there beuteys ,

I then had a walk a round the grassed fields just to excersise my dogs when i came across two men that looked like poachers ,when i got closer to them i noticed it was some lads i new who i thought were poaching ,i dont want to name them as who they are nick names will do ,dano and clag wright, i warned dano if i caught him on my land a gain i would hit him with the thing he his most frightend of, a diet ,lol.and as for clag i told him i would rip his hearing aid out and take his zimmer frame from him so that he would have to get a piggy back to his wagon of dano ,which would make a good start for dano to loose weight lol .just kidding lads ,good look with this years shoot lads .     


 monday night traing .17/09/2012

spent a lot of time with young 6 month old pups ,tommy and muskey getting them sittig to shot or just the sound of a flushing bird and claping the hand its important to make sure they can do this exsercise of the lead ,which is where you would start this training exsercise ,both dogs did very good ,once they where staedy i got my mate to get there attension and throw a dummy up wind so that once they where sent they could wind it ,this went very well.i repeated this twice .A good tip try to get a training partner to do this excersice with you, you can then concentrate on the dog for steady ness more .make sure the dog is sat steady and does not figit before your mate throws dummy ,if they dont sit tight dont throw dummy go through excersice again untill your happy .cheers for reading ,any training problems please get in touch ,. 



 Barry and beuley

tuesday 12.09.2012


Sorry lads forgot to tell you how i went on  that morning on flush fest it went well both pipa and brodie went well good flushes right of the dogs nose .theres even young bunnies running around .

Tonight stuart and andy came to a traing session on rabbits ,i set it up for both of them to be able to get flushes on rabbits ,at the same time they had to be able to hunt there dogs up in a good hunting pattern and only if i was happy with there hunting then they could get there flush ,before they got chance of a flush and retreive i would throw a rabbit skin dummy across there hunting path to make sure they were steady to flush and sit to stop whistle ,both did well at this then they hunted on and worked up to rabbits and got nice flushes sat well and watched away ,then after they were shot i had them sat waiting to see if they moved both sat tight ,then i told them to send there dogs and retreived back to hand ,well done lads ,and dan and finn .

It was nice to see barry a friend who took a dog of me out of doncaster star to helmsway hawk ,called beuley he is such a good looker all we need to do now it introduce a teaching routine for him to get him up to a good standard to trial .     


Friday 07.09.2012.

Just of out on a flush fest im looky to have a 10 acre field thats full of rabbits and at this time in a morning there plenty sat tight in there seats just right for flushing ,brilliant for young dogs to steady them up on flush ,good for pups to have a short chase too,il let you know how i get on later.

thursday 06 09 2012 .

Tea time training ,andy stu and dean .

got straight down to buissness and got them lined out as in trial formation got all 3 to hunt up thru some braken ,brambill ,stick piles then with breeze coming head on i plated retrives for them to pull on and got them to find them and retreive to hand  then i would fire pistol to get them to sit to shot have them sat still while i threw a few dummys as disractions ,told to leave and hunt on ,all dogs did well.and there handelers are learning to relax .Dean has a nice cocker bitch very fast and hunts nice just too excited at times but will mature , 

Friday 30.08.2012 open qulifier cocker.

the trial ground at steane was to die for ian openshaw has the ground for training no wonder his dogs are as good has they are ,there was a good standard of dogs will clule had 2 good runs jhon bailey had 2 dogs in both went well a few dogs went out for missing game or moving ,wendy openshaw had a good run until she seemed to stugle to pick a rabbit shot in front about 25 yards away the dog couldent pick up on the scent line and she had to send it back 4 times before it was picked .her 2nd run went better and cleaner ,pipa was no 6 her first run was ok had to pick up a loose rabbit shot straight of the lead ,then she hunted on and had a nice contact flush ,her second run was short and sweet 2 nice flushes and 1 nice clean retreive and good hunting pace ,but i must hadmit she did start to go off the whistle towards the end , placing went like this .wendy 1st me 2nd 3rd was will clule ,I was well pleased with her thats her 4 2nd in opens a win will come soon i hope .

Saturday novice cocker at steane ,

This was brodies 1st trial and new that it was probably a little too early for him but i thought that if i got a few flushes and retrieves with him it would be well worth it under trialing conditions ,i was 1st in and it was a back beat wind ,when i cast him off he was he was hunting realy well and found a cock pheasent and sat loverly ,then he retreived a loose rabbit ,which iwas well pleased with but then he started to pull on the rabbits up front so when he went of whistle i told the judge keith carter i was pulling him out and put lead on him ,i was happy with his hunting but it was just too early for him .    

Friday 30.08.2012

just took out pipa and brodie to give them a good run before trials at week end pipas runs tomorrow she had a couple of nice flush and retreives tonight ,and brodie went well too its his first trial ,hes only young but it will be exsperiance for him and a chance to let him run in a trial format with guns either side ,if anything the only flaw he has he does not like sitting still too long like most cockers they like too creep as a pup but they tend too grow out of it with a bit of teaching.Had marley ,blaze ,tommy and musskey out also spent a lot time on making them steady while my mate lez threw dummy to either side of them ,getting them to mark them and trying to get them not to run in ,it was very interesting ,they all eventually got the idea ,well done pups .






Lydias pups too begger bush taff are growing so fast there ganging  up on my new cocker .

friday morning.Well it was all going good untill the heavens opend up had some nice flushes of the end of the nose with pipa ,but it realy rained when i cast brodie of carried on tho had a good flush but then it started to thunder and lighting .there was some young polts out too partridge and phesents .cheers for reading .

Friday 24.08.2012

couldnt sleep so i thought i would make most of dark morning ,its 5.ish ,going on to land at side of DHL were there plenty of rabbits to flush as they will be sat tight on seats in cut hay ,ill take pipa ,cocker and her 2 off springs storm and brodie as they are both ready to be shot over ,after ive hunted up with them ill do some hunting and planting with 6 month old pups while there plenty of scent ill let you know how it goes cheers .


MY good friend steve allowed me to take andy and stuart on to a cut hay field ,were we could set up sum rabbit flushes for therte dogs fin and dan for the first time .which was interesting to say the the least  . i told them to where there trainers as they might be doing a little bit of chasing down ,after releasing rabbits and letting them settle down in hay piles we set dogs up to go flushing which worked out great both dogs hunted well they pulled a little on scent but that was to be exspected ,but its good practice just pull them back in to make sure your in good close distance to your dog for when he or she gets the flush there so much more easier to controll and when they feel your presence they seem to behave better  .all our dogs had a chace to start with but after a few corrective instructions they soon got the idea .Some times i would simulate a flush by throwing a dummy across the quartering pattern of the dogs at a good speed so it rolls a way from the dogs noseand then the stop whistle blown the dog should sit up to flush .then after picking up the dummy just hunt on and find rabbit to flush ..well done lads ,both dogs coming on well ' .  


15 08 2012 wednesday.

Justin ,with marley ,blaze ,tommy ,and where he go MUSSKEY .


What a poo day ,got all my gear to gether ,pigions , rabbits ,put dogs in box to go too my mates freshley cut hay field to set some flushes and all the heavens opend up .Put dogs back in boxes got drenched doing this ,so then i thought i would give all the dogs a medical ,started of with cleaning all there ears with ear cleaner ,and then wiped them out then sprinkled cancur powder in ,then delugged all there ears took out all dead hair ,then checked and scrapped there teeth were needed ,then i clipped all there nails where needed ,then i front lined them all ,also i clipped excess hair in between there toes so no grass seeds  can logde in .then i wormed them all with drontal plus .took me 2 hours to do all 15 dogs well pleased .

My freinds Justin and Kate took blaze and marley home with them for weekend just so they could bond with them and the kids and there lakeland terreir ,and get use to the new pen he has built which looks well smart ,i know the kids are excited to have them ,ive been training them both ,and marley his justins dog ill keep them up too about 12 months and do all the major traing getting them to sit to whistle and shot ,rtreive to hand ,sit and stay ,just make sure they are rock steady , i know one thing for sure these 2 dogs are going too be top quality hunting machines there well advanced now for 6 months ..    

Sunday 10 08 2012 .

Had a new dog handler to training sestion this morning ,craig ,he had 2 loverly bitch pups ,1 at a year old and a pup at 6 months .he asked me to try to find out why his very powerfull 1 year old bitch was so sticky after watching handle it ,and having to keep asking it to hunt on i asked the questian have you been planting tennis balls and droping them ,and had she seen you doing this ,the answer was yes ,the reason for the dog not using its own hunterbility was because she was waitig for him to toss a ball down ,and also it was exspecting to find things around his feet everything was becoming so robotic ,it was obvious the bitch has all the credentials to trial ,but he just neede to let her range further out and trust her ,.I just walked on lead away from craig and stuart who had come with fin ,and just cast her off ,i kept her hunting up in front of me and just followed her a little and kept saying get on within minutes she was hunting loverly didnt turn round to look at me just kept hunting with head down looking for game scent , i was impressed if he carries on with what ive recomended im sure she will do the job in trials ,.

Ive at last got a run with pipa in open cocker at stean with tyne tees and tweed ,ive enterd BRODIE ,15 MONTH OLD DOG PUP .out of pipa to scholes ,he going realy well ,very attractive hunting style ,flashy like his mum just need a few more rabbits under his nose .  



sunday morning traing with Andy and dan the badly hair cut cocker ,i wish i had a picture of poor dan andy,s butcherd him just kidding mate ,mind you his girl freind has a hairdressers surely she can put it right .But down to buisness his dog has bags of drive ,and really gets on with the job of hunting hits all cover hard ,but what happens his he only stays with andy for a very short time and then he starts hunting for him self ,goes of whistle and then takes to much ground .Answer to this is keep evrything short and sweet ,only hunt him up for short periods and get ready to get out to him and pull him in ,if a dog ignores the whistle you know hes hunting for hiself .we spent a good 30 minutes ,concentrating on this and by the end of the session he started to hunt nice and tight and responded to the whistle more ,and moor inportent ,he looked like he was hunting for andy ,well done mate . 

saturday 27.07.2012

Open cocker field trial .promoted by the spanial club

The trial was in reeds and rabbits were plenty.judges were martin smee and david lysett.the standard of dogs was high and as handlers you had to trust your dog has there were times when you could not see your dog ,most dogs had flush and retreves there was quite a few loose rabbits shot , Anita jones had a nice run so did sam fullwood had a nice run ,and richard bramwell a few dogs went out for missing game and pegging .pipa was number 12 ,i was realy looking forward to going in under martin smee and then my time came .i slipped the lead of and cast her of she set of like a bullet i had to stand my ground to make sure she coverd all the read bed as the rabbits were sitting tight ,i was realy finding it hard keeping my eye on her as she was darting in and out of the runs under the reads made by the rabbits ,then all of a sudden she pushed a rabbit out of a seat and because she was hunting at a great speed she started to follow it out of the reed bed i panicked and blew her up 3  times which in a open stake is too many ,what i should have done is let her follow it to the edge of the reeds so she could see the rabbit shot and then blow her up ,i think then martin would have let her pick it ,as he could not see her follow it out to get a view of were it would be shot .I realy let her down as a handler i should have trusted her ,.Not to worry there will be a other one .thanks for reading it .

Sunday morning training  

Paul and luke  came over for training and i was so impressed with the way have studied and put into practice ,on blinds and stop whistle and hunting well done lads .

it was nice to see glens dad he came out traing with us   

Thursday 26 07 2012.

Had 2 mates down for training tonight on there last lesson both dogs tenderd to pull both handlers or so it seemed but to be honest it was the handlers fault as they just could nt see or read what the dogs were going to do early enough to stop them pulling them and range to far ,by the time they have piped the turn whistle the dogs are out of range especialy if there is scent head wind into thr dogs noses ,be well ready to pull them of it and hunt up in a diffrent direction then work back towards the scented area ,it lookes better that way to the judges eye ,i allways have a cold game bird in my bag and just dab ground in front of my feet so when they return on sigle blip of whistle they think they are coming across game near your feet ,sometimes i give them a retrieve close in this helps there hunting pattern too ,both handlers picked up on this and both dogs soon hunted tighter ,and looked a lot better , well done lads .  


25.07 2012 tuesday .

took the pups to danes hill ponds to get them use to water they loved it had to keep them on leads as they wanted to chase all the wild fowl ,there was plenty of them about ,but it git them use to the birds flushing and setting of in flight ,just got them to sit and watch them away ,.

Looking forward to saturday as its the first open cocker qualifier ,at grassing ton .pipa ,scarlet dusk is going realy well put a lot of time into her on some rabbits shes definatley up for it .shes got a leg up 1 more to make her a champion ,i had 2 2nds on trot last year im sure its going to happen this year with a bit of luck ,the 2 dog pups i kept back out of her litter last year are realy making the grade .thanks for reading ,if you have any traing problems please just ask thanks . 


LYDIA ,MISS SUPERA SPARKLE ,has had her pups 5 healty pups 2 bitches and 3 dogs ,1 of the bitches is all white how flashy is that ,theres a dog who has marking just like her grand dad, wolf ,please call me in you want any information on them .they should be a very liverly litter .

monday 16 07 2012

Well i supose you all now by know that the game fair is cancelled so that means the international gun dog team events are of for this year which is a great shame i was looking forward to be part of the ENGLAND TEAM and you never know i might have had a chance to run ANGEL ,DONCASTER STAR .Ive spoken to my freinds from the other teams and they too are gutted ,a lot of preperation has gone into this event and i feel sorry for those who had put the effort in to make the event possible .Well we will have to try again next season .

Just had pipa out on some grassed field with loads of furry creatures on she had 4 loverly flushes of the end off her nose sat up loverly without whistle .shes a too quality bitch .

saturday 13.07 2012

  Hi every one ,just to let you know lydias pups are due this wekend i bedded her down at the beging of the week ,she has started to tear up the news paper ,and resting on her side and deep breathing ,ill keep a eye her from  now on till there born cheers . 

10.07.2012 Tuesday

Saturday novice trial Grassington .

16 dog stake ,i was running at no6 ,i ran BRUNO ,his first run under judge paul matthews was a long run in reeds i thought he hunted well and had some nice flushes ,but guns missed my finds .so on my second run under malcolm taylor i needed a retrieve ,and i got a good find and it was shot ,as i sent my dog it came across a small bunny which it retuned to hand then i was to send him for the shot 1 which he did smartly .That was my second run done ,.Lots of dogs went out for pegging and missing game .only 7 dogs finished the judges didnt give a 1st and simon grayson got 2nd , Bruno got a c/m .thanks to the the land owner and harvey the game keeper for allowing us to have a trial on the ground .


FRIDAY 06 07 2012

The weather has been terrible lateley and its frustrating trying to getout with the dogs ,lookly ive been given permission to use a pine wood forrestry to train and the cover is brill brashings and fern and bramble .Its also saves a lot of time been able to drive into the wood with all the dogs and get them out 1 ata time and train them individualy and practice on the parts of there training they need to improve on .direction work ,scenting lines through cover .getting them to hunt diffrent cover ,my pups are realy benafitting from this also there game there to flush ,which is great for steadyness .Ive just took on a couple of pups 13 week old for training  there beuts ,and been able to use this wood is just the thing .ive 4 pups at this age and letting them free hunt up finding tennis balls realy lets you see if there bold enough to get on with it and hunt up and find the balls and return with them .to say ive only had them just over a wek they have settled in great .IM sure the owner will be happy with them when there trained up ,to a high standerd for a gun dog .    

This is a picture of miss supera sparkle ,my novice bitch ,who i have great expectations for as she as all the grace and speed ,and huntability ,to go all the way ,Her parents are ,DAM ,FTW SWEET LYDIA OF HARWORTH ,WHO WAS SIRED BY A CHEWEKY WOLF ,AND SIRED BY LANGAN MILL MEASRTO .AND SIRED BY HELMSWAY HAWK ,she has to many FTCH in her pedigree to mension ,She is in pup the sire is FTW BEGGARBUSH TAFF OF PANT FARM .I looked at his pedigree and it ties in brilintley ,.Im sure these pups will turn out top class hunters with speed and style , i know that if lydia gets the chance she will go all the way ,im sure pups will too .If you  are interested in pup  please let me know .            


sunday ,01 07 2012 .

sunday morning training ,Paul and his son Luke  came with there ESS Dogs .14 month old ,also stuart came with fin ,cocker dog 12 month old .I set up a trial set up ,were they worked up in line in pairs and then fired a shot to see how promtley they sat to shot .all dogs responded well ,then they casted of again and when i was happy with there hunting i got there attention by making noise and fired of dummy launcher ,when they sat to shot i asked them to send there dogs all dogs marked good and returned to hand ,all dogs performed well ,and i could tell they as handlers had done there home work as there dogs have improved well .After a short rest i then tested there steady ness to flush ,by letting a brailed pigion low fly across there path after they sat to shot ,heres were the fun started stuart started the day as a heavy weight dog handler ,after changing his wellies for running shoes hes now a light heavy ,and young luke had to be on his toes too ,his dad didnt know he could run so fast ,pauls dog was realy steady and was the only dog to be told to to go for retreve ,but fun was had by all especially me .LOL.Well done to them all as they are realy doing there home work as dog handlers .     

Some pics of pups out of jess Sweet lydia of harworth ,sire  woody . larford cannon .


Thursday 28 06 2012

Had a early start this morning ,it was nice and cool ,took the clan out in to forestry ,at 5.00 clock .there some nice dry grass with some rabbits in for flushing ,I got a cocker back in for training out of a litter i bred out of pipa to scholes ,ive litter brother and to look at them there like chalk and cheese ,,brodie my cocker is very muscler in build and very sharp and buzy when quartering .storm ,marks dog is like a wooly mamoth very strong but stiil hunts with a flashy patern ,but pulls out to far and starts to range in straight lines ,when you cast him of .So ive got on his case straight away when i cast him of and surprise him ,and sprint  out and get hold of him and pull him back in to where i want him to hunt and tell him to hunt the area there before allowing him to hunt on ive diffrent ways of scenting the area but mostly ill rub the ground with a rabbit or pigion . Ive had the dog for about a week and already ive seen a great improvement ,As a dog handler you do some times need to be sharp on your feet to correct ,some faults your dog might have its no good just letting them get away with it , hoping it will cure its self it wont it will only get worse ,and some timmes you need to send your dog to a dog trainer who knows what to do when these faults occure .thanks for reading blog .     

Wednesday 27th July

Spent today with pups just looking at there charactor ,just letting them free hunt and watch there reaction to smelling scent ,just to see there tails speed up and body action ,its great when you can tell if there goin to have a low body action and swanky rear end ,Also see how buzy they are when hunting a tennis ball in light grass.the liver and white ESS in picture is tilly shes only 14 months old and hunts with speed and style ,and takes lines for fun what a beauty. 


25 06 2012 monday .


just love these nights when there plenty of day light ,drove dog van into forestry were there plenty of shade and day light ,and brill cover for all dogs ,brashings ,small fern ,light brambell ,took some pigions and rabbits with me and my trusty freind lez to shoot over dogs for me ,I first got bruno out ,buzz lightning ,and started at one end of wood and cast him of he realy excites me his hunting style is great so thorough and nose to ground ,lez dizzys pigions for me and puts them into some cover then i work back towards them with a back beat breeze ,its brill how he turns on the scent and sits to flush ,marks them well when shot .sits tight until i send him straight out and in to hand .hunt up a little further and job done .I will go thru the same routine with lilly , angel ,lydia ,poppy ,pipa ,tilly and neo ,i will alter the routine some time by droping a blind back and after the flush and shot ,ill tell the dog to leave that and send them back for the the blind ,then send them for the memory forward .

The younger dogs which are about 11,months old ,ill hunt up in a nice quarterly pattern and get lez to hide behind a tree and make a noise to get the dogs attension ,fire shot ,and then throw forward pigion with 1 wing tapped so it carnt fly of make sure the dogs got a mark and is sitting tight when im happy ill send them ,its brill watching young pups learning how to hold feathers and retuning to hand some just dont like handing them over but never snatch at them just entice them to give it to you ,it will work in the end if you have patience .i always tell them to hold there head up and stroke there neck and chest it seems to work for me.

Fiddy and Jazz 11 monthy old pups out of championship winner ,angel ,doncaster star sire Helmsway hawk ,are realy starting to shine ,jazz is still a little reserved i can see plenty of potensial in her she handles great ,and every now and again she lets fly with her hunting and looks a champion especialy when she gets on rabbit scent ,ive started to set some rabbits up in cover and let her flush them there so much cover they only flush to the next pile of brashings and then sit tight ,so i can hunt her up again for another flush it works great to get her hunting with nose down and with intension to find game .

Fiddy is just a class act his back end action is magic to watch his tail action is a long swiping action ,when he hits scent it speeds up thrashing from side to side he loves to get in to cover ,hes definatley going to go all the way im sure of that .

Lydia a novice bitch out of a cheweky wolf bitch and langanmill meastro ,is in pup to Kevin powells dog Beggerbush taff ,whos sired by cheweky wolf ,Lydias had a trial at the end of the season and got good remarks from both judges but unfortunatley had no retreves ,shes a very fast hunting bitch bags of style ,loves to tear cover up . i chose max because it fetches wolf back into my blood lines which i hope will produce some tasty pups ,bags of pace ,style and hard hunting ,and very biddable .please get in touch if you are interested in putting your name down for a pup ,cheers .

Just a quick word about the 2 pups ive got out of jess, sweet lydia of harworth ,to larford cannon ,woody wills dog ,there 15 weeks old ive got them retreving ,going back when told to fetch ,and most of all when told to get on find it they put there noses to the ground and start hunting absolutley marverlous ,

Brodie ,my cocker dog out of pipa FTW scarlet dusk ,sired by FTCH chweky scholes who is about 14 month old is learning his trade brilliantley ,he is so flashy like his mum and hunts hard like his dad ,he attacks cover and sits tight to flush can be a bit figity some times but nothing to worry about ,takes great lines another 6 months of intence training and he will be ready ,ill get him on some rabbits soon i hope .thanks for reading .

P.S im hoping to get some vidioes of my dogs hunting up and flushing soon keep reading .watch this space          

sat 23 06 2012

Justin and Kate and family came today to take there dog out that im traing up for them so that marley could get use to there border terreir it was nice to see them ,and it was a good idea and gave there children chance to bond with them ,they also took marleys litter brother blaze ,they had a great time at clumber park .it was great to see them and to see how enthusiastic justin is to learn how to handle a gun dog and pick up tips on how to make sure that every thing ill be teaching marley he doesent let slip when the time comes for him to take over .Thanks for reading .   P.S patch and pups got on great .

monday 18,06 2012

Well done to Paul and his son Luke ,who have been coming for lessons with there E.S.S. DOGS ,They have been coming for about 4 weeks ,and had no previous exsperiance with dogs they started from scratch ,started with all the basics ,waik to heal sit ,stay ,casting dog of ,learning dog to hunt up in a nice tight pattern ,get dog to hunt with nose close to the ground ect ,.Every week i ask them to train there dog on diffrent issues that i think there dog is not very good at and tips on how to cure it ,or make it better at it .They go away and put the time in and how it showed to night ,both billy and henrey performed well,Well done lads .

Thursday 14.06.2012

Cocker training day .

My good mates stuart and andy came over for a training lesson with dan and fin ,both have been concentrating on quartering and stop whistle ,so i asked them to line up side by side and cast them of with a back beat wind to see if they had improved and both worked well ,obviousley they pulled on a little but not out of controll ,i then fired pistol and had them sitting dogs up while i thru a fur dummy ,both had a little hop forward but ok .Then i joined in with Brodie ,and worked back in to wind and all 3 of us in line letting the dogs get use to other dogs cross there beat and see how they respond ,all dogs performed well they kept there minds on the task of quartering up heads down looking for game .I then sat all dogs up in front about 15 yards in front and threw dummies left and right and sent dogs across in front of sitting dogs to see if they would move which did happen on a few ocations ,we then took dogs back to there spots and went through the task again untill they sat tight this is a good excersize as in a trial this happens frequentley ,when a bird shot fall on your beat and the other dog flushed it and is sent for it .thanks for reading .   

Monday 11th june 2012

A  good freind was asking me what the reason could be that a realy nice springer bitch that he has has all of a sudden gone stail on him after she has being going realy well in the rabbit pen ,where she has has plenty of rabbits to flush plus phesants to flush too .he has had her in there 4 or 5 times a week and she is only 12 month old ,well mate theres your problem in my opinion ,she,s done to much too soon and all that flshing and no retreving shes getting fed up with it no reward after all the effort .Thats also why when he casts her of other than in the pen and no game sent about she seams flat .thats why i try to get my pups hunting ground with hardly any scent about so as they grow they always move up a gear when they come across good scent ,and always make sure they get the right amount of flushes and retrieves .Ive advised him to keep her on lead for few weeks and watch other dogs flush and retreive ,to make her keen again .cheers .  

Friday 8th june 2012

I supose im no diffrent to the rest of you all when i say im fed up with all this rain ,just when i seem to start to get a good few days in of possative training the rain spoils it .i had to wait till 8ish today to get the pack out ,so with so little day light left i set up a load of blinds down a hedge side at diffrent distances and let each dog have a few retreves each ,and making sure the delivery was clean ,which is important .My freinds cocker fin was a little sticky and wouldnt go back after a bout  25 30 yards ,even after sitting him up on stop whistle and walking forward to wards him ,and giving him a back comand ,so to cure this i sat him up and sent a more exspereanced dog back then telling him to follow which worked after he saw there were dummys to retreve out there .He soon got the idea and is now going back long distances looking for retreves .thanks for reading . 

Wednesday 6th june 2012

Thanks to my good freind steve smith who gave me permission to train my dogs in his grassed field tonight ,the silage grass was about a foot high and ideal to dizzy some feral pigions and plant them it was the first time i had shot over fiddy and jazz who both hunted with pace and drive and sat to flush but fiddy ran in but im not to botherd about that issue yet as at 10 month old hes plenty of time to learn to wait to be told to fetch .Neo whos 14 month old is realy making the grade ,his hunting style is great and good pace ,and nose to floor hes a great nose he doesent miss anything you plant ,nice finds and sat to flush marks well and reteves to hand , a great dog with great potential .Bruno is maturing all the time hes got every thing you want in a hunting dog ,he does everything to the book ,cast him of nose straight to the floor ,great pattern ,good pace and drive always looking for a find and steady to flush ,and marks well handles great ,retrieves to hand and most of all hes good looking .thanks for reading .  

Tuesday 5th june 2012

Took all pups out to for a good training day on hunting and holding the area were you want the dog to hunt until your happy and tell it to hunt on ,Andy and addey came over for lessons in this .Andys dog dan a cocker dog is a powerfull dog ,and getting it to hold the ground and hunt it out until  your happy was a task so to cure this when dan wanted to go off hunting for its self i told him to sit him up and pull him back to the area and say  find it there and while dan hunting drop a tennis ball in the area so that he finds it and thinks it a reward ,and praise him when returns it .keep repeating the task and eventually when you call him in by whisle and blow whistle with couple short bursts and a then a long burst ,and say find it there find it there ,he will start to get the idea that he he might find some thing there   as a retreve  .This is a good excersize for the times when you send a dog out for a blind retreve and you have a mark on the bird or rabbit you can sit the dog up and ask it to hunt the area .Dan soon got the idea ,and andy soon come to terms with what he as the handerler needs to do.

Thanks for reading any questians please ask .     

sunday 03 06 2012

Took all 13 dogs out this morning with my mate lez who helps me with all formats of traing .we went to a local forestry were ive permision ,and set some training tasks up for the young pups which are 10 month old i would plant a few dummys and let them hunt up and also have lez walk up in line about 15 yards to left and right ,and get pups attension ,and fire pistol and throw dummy forward just so pups can mark the fall and sit steady to shot ,this worked well with all pups .then when happy i would send them for retreve.


Then we set up some more advanced tasks for the older dogs we set some blinds up and after hunting up lez would get dogs attension and fire pistol throw dummy forward then tell dog to leave that and send them for the blinds good excersise ,for handling ,and responding to whisle .

Also set some rabbit scent lines out so dogs could get there noses downto ground and and follow them back and return to hand with dummy .all the good dogs pick up scent lines early all follow it back to planted dummy .some dogs come across it half way down which doesent look as good as the dogs who follow it from the start .

The 2  dog pups out of ,jess sweet lydia of harworth ,and woody ,larford cannon .are realy coming on got them sitting and staying and also sending them back in to box and hunting the area around my feet .there so bold ,brill .

Thanks for reading any questians please ask ,ill try to help you out  

Tuesday 15 5 2012 .

Today andy and adden took there pups out of .jess ,Sweet lydia of harworth ,dam .Sire larford cannon ,andy took a loverly little bitch shes going to be a buzy little bee .addey took the little bitch i was going to keep but i gave in to him because i know she will be well looked after and ill get to see them progress to a good standard to trial .and that accounts to andy to .Justin and family came to see the dog pup i picked for them called marley im going to train it for them .what a nice family .kids loved the dog ,.  

06.05.2012 sunday

Good training session.with andy ,stuart and aden

Andy and stuart cockers were given the chance to pick cold game ,i set up for both dogs to hunt up in a short crop field .and when i was happy with there hunting pattern i had aden fire starting pistol and get the attension of dogs and throw cold game forward about 25 yards to the left or right of dogs .once i was happy with the sit to shot and marking the game i told them to send there dogs ,marking something thrown forward is not always easy especialy when the the wind is in the wrong direction ,so its important to be able to stop the dog on the spot if he goes out to far ,.both dogs sruggled with this so i decided to give them a training excersize where you sit up and walk away then when turning around about 30 to 40 away recall dog in and then put stop whistle on and raise your hand up as a halt signal .keep repeating this until you are happy with the stop action of the dog , if he takes to long to stop walk forward and return dog to the position were you blew stop command .and then walk away and start excersice again .This will help you when you have to send a dog out on a blind where you now where the bird is and the dog didnt mark it .thanks for reading blog .




sunday 29.04 2012

England team selection ,E.S.S. at jhon halstead .

23 dogs and handerlers ,all competing for 5 places and 1 reserve .we all drew out of a bag for numbers ,i drew 6 .I ran Angel ,FTCH Doncaster Star ,im very lucky as angel is not only a outstanding field trial dog but good test dog too ,the first test was to hunt up under two judges steve bolton and jerermy organ  they just wanted to see the hunting pattern and pace then sit to shot ,angel went ok seen her go better .then you were walked forward and asked to sit dog up of lead there was a fence up front and beyond a helper who when a shot fired threw a dummy ,the dog was to mark it and asked to send her by judge, straight out and over fence pick up and back to hand ,she made a clean job of that .Then we were ask to hunt up again to a point were we were asked to sit dog up ,wark a dummy launched forward about 45 yards then we were told to leave that and fetch a blind over the fence to the right at 3,oclock which was hidden in some brashings ,it was not to hard to get her over the fence but because of the way the breeze was blowing about ,you realy had to get the dog on spot for her to scent the dummy ,i had to handeler on to this which was a bit scappy to be true ,she retreved back to hand ,and then went and picked up the memory up front clean which was good .Then we hunted up to the end of the reed bed .The last test was water retreve were you sat dog up 15 yards from water edge and a dummy was thrown into water after shot fired ,then told to send dog ,she flew into water and swam straight out and in to hand .job done .There was some good dogs went out for failures on some parts of test .After all dogs had taken there runs the judges went along with jhon and picked the 5 to run and 1 reserve the team is Alice wise ,dave rainer ,steve wansall ,dave templer and aubrey . myself being reserve .which i was pleased with a part of the ENGLAND team ,how good does that sound ,.The judges told me that it was very close ,and the only way to split the first five from resrve was a pip of the whistle , .The team compertition against SCOTLAND IRELAND AND WALES is on 19th 20th and 21st of july ,well done to all the team members ,Good luck to the retrevers team also .thanks to jhon and sandra halstead for the hospatality they gave us ,and also Skinners for sponsering the team .        

sunday 22 04 2012

Had a great training day ,my sponsers Skinners dog food kindly bought me a light on launcher ,what a traing aid went into woodland with stuart who is having training lessons with me,with finn a nice hunting cocker ,set up launcher for pups to have some marked retreves ,just hunted pups up to thick fern bed were launcher was i set shot of and got them to mark direction and distance  of dummy ,it worked well .the remote for launcher .nice piece of training aid .Hunted older dogs up to a area to the left or right of the hidden launcher and set it of once they marked the dummy ,told them to leave that and send them back for a hidden ,once they had retreved ,hidden sent them for memory ,worked well .

Picking up pups from wills this week ,excited ,they should be a hand full ,if they have pace and huntability like jess and woody they should be pretty special .cheers for reading    


saturday 7 4 2012

Great traing day as addey and mick assisted me in walking in line with gun so dogs get use to seeing other people ,and also geting use to hunting the ground between 2 guns ,the pups realy benifit from this ,just getting use to them cracking the guns closed after making a phesent noise ,and watching them point the gun in a direction .thanks lads .

monday 1st april 2012

just had all the dogs out training ,did some direction work with older dogs ,and run some scent lines out sending dogs straight back and then letting them pick up scent 20 to 30 yards back and then hoping they go of at a angle of 45 degrees to the left and right which i ran out with a rabbit skin .its great to watch them with there noses to the ground and pick up dummy at the end of trail. The pups were hunted up in a reed bed with rabbit skin dummys planted deep in reeds making pups realy have to hold the area there hunting to find them, this is important for when you take them on to rabbits for as you now they to tuck in tight ,before been flushed ,and also this nice tight pattern they learn to do in reed they tend to do in other cover which looks nice to the eye .cheers for reading my blog ,please email me for any training tips .  

gsuday 18th march 2012

 training went well to day ,did a lot of direction work with 10 month to 12 month pups ,responding well to hand and whistle .started at short distances and they lengthened them all pups worked well .Fiddy andJazz 8 month old pups are starting to find there own hunting pattern and retreve to hand clean . Did a  lot of blinds with older dogs handling left and right ,and backs ,also did some blinds over ditches and fences ,good training for confidence building .thanks for reading blog .  

sunday 11th march

Had 2 dog handlers for a training lesson ,each had cockers ,both about same age 1 .Both dogs and both have good hunting style ,but what i noticed is the 1 dog hunted with a little more conviction than the other but once i planted a little more scent down in a pattern for the dog to hunt he picked up another 2 gears ,thats what ive noticed about cockers some will hunt with intention to find game were theres no scent  were others need a good scenting to get them up to reved up to hunt with pace , .Pipa my own OFTW bitch is a dog thats just loves to hunt ,she casts of with pace and style and very flashy ,im so lucky to get a cocker like her ,and the pup ive got from her to FTCH SCHOLES he , going to be just like her but its a slow prosess and you carnt rush these things but i can see potentia just like andy and stuarts dogs that came for lessons ,training a cocker is a long lurning curve but worth it in the end ,thanks for reading my blog .l    

10th march 2012sat

Hi every one, had a good training day just built a 2 teer fence to teach pups to jump over and retreve and also send back to jump over for memorie retreve ,strugled to get pups over ,but as soon as they watched older dogs going over they soon got the idea .Also got my friend to stand at back of tree with start pistol and work my dog up towards fence then when he got signal he wood make noise and fire  pistol and get dogs attension and thenthrow dummy forward if dog sat to shot ,then would send her on reteve ,good practise for your dog to mark distance to fall . Got a couple of freinds coming in morning for lessons ,with cockers looking forward to that . cheers for reading hope you like new pictures took by my friend and professional photographer ,Lee Archer.thanks mate     

6th march 2012 wednesday

took all dogs at tea time and went through a training section were i was senting lines out over grassed land with the wind in there face and then the opposite a back beat wind ,it realy helps the young pups to get there noses to the ground and see how happy they are when they come back with the retreve .the older dog which have more exsperiance ,i would send them back over ditches and then pick a scent line up were a running bird might have landed and run ,it gives confidence ,especialy when they come back with the bird planted   ,thanks for reading my blogs hope they give you ideas to try with your dogs .  

Monday 5TH MARCH 2012

SORRY for not keeping my blog upto date ,no excuses .Today the 4th march jess ,sweet lydia of harworth ,had a litter of pups to will clulee FTW dog LARFORD CANNON ,both mother and pups ok ,these pups should be a liverly bunch ,please call me if your interested in a quality pup .

Just to get up to date with how angel is coping with her stardom after winning championships ,she well and fti as a lark ,getting her ready to go to team selection for England squad .Her 2 pups from helmsway hawk ,fiddi and jazz are realy making the grade ,there only 7 months old ,but realy easy to train ,they both have a great hunting style .and retreve to hand with precision.

  The other pup ive got from angel to kez ,FTW joker cole ,who is 2 years old .is now ready to trial she is a pocket rocket shes got a great punchy hunting style ,very alert and responsive ,retreves to hand like her mum with no hesitance.

Bruno ,buzzlightning is getting better every day i go out with him he,s so attractive in his hunting style and great pace ,very honest ,very responsive to whisle and direction signals ,loves to attack hard cover ,carnt wait to run him this year .

Lydia ,silver mist lady ,sister to bruno ,out of FTCH Helmsway Hawk to jess ,is also ready to trial shes got a loverly long range hunting style moves across the ground realy low action very quick , flushes and marks briliant .

Pipa ,FTW  scarlet dusk    bitch, is raring  togo  after 2 seconds and a 3rd going to make sure i make her up to FTCH this season with a bit of luck .The litter of pups she had to scholesy FTCH ,are coming on great my own dog brodie is a little rocket ,and my mates are coming on strong and all can hunt .

The dog Neo out of ,malcolmn taylors FTCH DOG TO JESS FTW is also hunting with pace and drive,very low action and already retreving fur and feather ,reacts to whisle and shot brilliant .

Now to a special 12 month old bitch pup ,Tilly ,out of a rytex shooting bitch to kez ,joker cole ,this pup is every thing you want in a pup she has great style very low hunting style and frightning pace ,marks and retreves to hand ,shes so advanced for her age ,its wonderfull to have this in a young pup ,great things to come .

Id like to take this oppertunity to thank ,Paul Rawlings ,AND Maurice stanbury ,and Paul french for there videos and photos ,thankyou very much and also Liz and Steve russel for there great help .

If there is any young handlers who might want any advice on training meathods or tips and problems with there dogs please just email me, thanks for reading my blog ,hope you like the videos .  


Friday 2nd March 2012 Paul French video launched on Youtube available to buy from

saturday 21st jan dukeries nov av hootan pagnal

This was a 16 dog stake in some realy testing ground ,on a very cold and windy day ,there was a cyndcate day shoot on the same ground so we were limited to the ground we could use .we started in wood land and the first few dogs had long runs without flushes most of the game that was there was running on so the dogs that came at the end of the woods were coming across game this was pretty much the same through out the day ,All the good hunting dogs shone out all tho they didnt get there flush and retrives on both sides so had to be marked on hunting and retrives alone .the little cockers in the trial seemed to have a go at the cover but not as hard as the springers did .

I ran my 19 month old dog ,bruno ,buzzlightning. he came in at the end of the wood upto a road end and the cover was thick bramble and brashings bruno has a good hard hunting style with pace and is always with me ,he soon got his flush but guns missed it then a loose bird was shot ,and with 1 cast out he went out and retrived back to hand ,hunted up again and flushed a other bird which was missed ,first run over and clean .his 2nd run was in some nice woodland with stick piles and bramble ,but short of game so i put him into some heavey hedge rows and he flushed a hen which was shoe out in field ,ha isent him out on retrive he flushed a other hen sat tight to flush ,then gave him fetch command and out into field he was just right of hen bird sat him up and left handed him and picked bird straight back to hand told to hunt on to finish wood out job done .well pleased .the judges steve russel and jim briggs ,had a  hard job to choose the awards ,as some dogs had had more look than othres but in out come ,they chose sam fullwoods cocker spanial 1st ,which surprised most including sam i think gary smith 2nd third dave griffiys and bruno 4th , well done SAM .      

9th 10 th 11th january 2012 the kennel club 82nd spanial championships wormegay ,norfolk .ANGEL was drawn out no 42 so it was late in the day , when i came into line ,and after watching  a number of ftch dogs go out for vireous reasons it was quite daunting ,my first run was under the watchfull eyes of  ian flint and ian openshaw ,aftercasting her of with a back beat wind ,she started to flo with wonderfull pace and style ,head low to ground ,and with intention to find game ,her first find was marverlous to watch ,she spun on a tanner and pushed out a hen bird that was shot about 30 40 yards in front ,and started to run ,ian flint promtley gave me the command to send my dog and out she flew marked the bird to fall and took line caught up with hen bird and reteived to hand ,given the command carry on of she went and soon powerfully flushed a cock phesent which was shot out to my right towards the gallery and over the ride ,she marked it loverly ,sent her out passed the right hand side gun and dog handerler and his dog picked bird and retrived to hand ,told to carry on and then told to put my lead on as they had seen enough,a very clean run . I had to wait until wednesday for my second run ,under the watchfull eyes of keith carter and jhon bailey .we had changed groun and was in tall knettls stalks and white grass and some brashings ,after casting her of into a slight head wind she was full of drive and commitment ,there wasnt to much cover ,to tie her up a little so she could halt her stride to find game ,but as look happens ray cassey moved over to right ,so she could get into some cover ,and then produced a loverly cock phesent ,which started to run and be tempting to ove but she sat tight and marked to were it was shot jhon told me to send my dog sraight out and straight back ,hunted up a little further and was told to put my lead on and with great relieve that was my 2 runs done clean .after watching the other dogs finish there runs ,the judges ,totted up there books and called the trial over .after a agonising 1 hour wait they read out the results .and awarded angel .1st place . 2012 english spriger spanial championship winner .

saturday 24 dec open qualifier denton .

what a great trial angel ,doncaster star won her 2nd open making her into a ftch .my first champion ,and qualifiying for champion ship at wormagay . it was  repeat of last years trial were she won her first open ,plenty of game and good hard spanial ground .merry xmas to you all .  

Tuesday 23 November

Eastern Counteis field trial socierty novice AV

this was my 4th judging appointment with stuart ,martin aubrey ,at sandringham kings lynn .we started of in braken which was to high and unable to see the dogs working so we moved ground to sugar beet were the suply of game was good and consistent ,but unfortunatly the standard of dogs was poor ,so many goin out for missing game and not been able to hunt with a back beat wind ,also moving on flush ,and no hunting pattern ,head to high ,and not reacting to whisle ,and direction commands  ,only 1 dog finished the trial ,and was awarded 2nd .thanks to wendy knight for asking me to judge .thanks again to A PANAL JUDGES STUART SEAWOOD ,AND MARTIN FORD ,and NP JUDGE AUBREY LADYMAN FOR A GREAT DAY .

saturday 30th oct .open E.S.S trial at moor farm high wycombe .chilton gundogs society

congratulation to steve russell on qualifying ,FTCH rydanlue finesse ,in which he won a 4 dog run off .A very hard trial chasing birds all round the woods ,yet again some dogs had the luck of flush and retreves were i had none jess gave her all hunted with intent , to find game but none there ,but she was awarded a c,m thanks to judges ,bob aldenton and carl colclough .  

saturday 15 october

open cocker trial at pittington ,co durham

a hard trial all diffrent types of cover ,bramble cover crop nettle and fern ,pipa , scarlet dusk ,ran at no 5 nice claen run  good find and retreve ,hunted well on her 1st run under dave rayner 2nd run long and hard 7 flushes ,3 good contact ,winded some scent towards left hand gun and nice flush on a hair but no ground game shot today ,then contact flush on a cock phesant ,sent out for and straight back to hand ,a good standard of dogs today ,as i got 2 a marks from geoege wilson and dave rayner and only got a c/m ,well done to joe shottons ,chyknell hidie who won ,86 years of age and hidie is 7 ,2nd will clulee and 3rd roy ellershaw ,

cheers for reading blogs mates      

Monday 3rd october

1st trial of season ,at newburgh priory ,

I ran 2 dogs max and bruno ,both dogs went realy well considering the condition which was realy hot we were in roots and kale plenty of game ,but dogs had long runs in hot conditions ,not  a lot of scent ,to get a flush and retreive dogs had to work hard some dogs were more fortunate than others ,but thats trialing ,congratulations to sam fullwood who got 1st and david anderson who was 2nd i got 3rd and guns choice ,wellpleased ,thanks to judges to .  

Friday 23rd September

Thought id share some feedback, its much appreciated.


Just a quick update on Beauly and a thank you for your approach with
the pup we managed to get from your latest litter: Helmsway Hawk and
Doncaster Star. He's a little cracker. Bright, quick and already
into all the cover in the in-law's garden. A stylish lad, he
particularly likes the long grass and has always got his nose to the
ground - he loves to scent and is already demonstrating his
intelligence; I've no doubt that he has a lot of potential, I'm not so
sure about his owner!

He is growing quickly. As well as being a bright lad, he is
developing into a well built, bold but biddable dog, and I'm confident
that he'll be at the very least, the sum of his Sire and Dam's
characteristics. I'm chuffed to bits.

Also, thanks to you for your advice and your considerable patience
when I was choosing him, as well as the continued support at the end
of the telephone. Although you only breed 1-2 litters per year, I'd
recommend a Sugar Bullet dog to anyone who's willing to listen, and
lucky enough to get one!

Good luck in the trials and look forward to catching up when I'm up
with the in-laws.


friday   2nd september

angel and scott pups starting new life with new owners ,george took 1st pup ,dog and picked 1 i had my eye on all pups are very liverly and allready have there noses to the ground jhon paul took a nice mostly white dog very flashy ,3 more to go tommorw ,not easy to pick from all buzy pups ,well pleased  

Monday 25th July 2010

Have been told to check my spellings so my daughter has been called in to show me how to "spell check"... the shame.  Today was the first time I let my 16 week old pups loose on the field with my older dogs.  Plenty of rabbit scent for them to hunt out, their wagging tails showed that they loved it!  Noses to the floor and hunting in a nice pattern, they will be champions in no time.  Looking forward to judging the Novice Cocker Trial for the Spaniel Club on Friday with John Dickinson, Wesley Thomas and Terry "the hit man" Frost. 

Andrew Whitehouse

Saturday 19th July 2011

Novice English Springer Spaniel Trial.

Today was a fantastic day at the Rabbit trial Gunnerside ,It was a good trial plenty of rabbits. The dog i ran Max ,went ok but he was down a gear . It was a good result overall for Sugar Bullet Gundogs. As this is the first blog, it will be short but please come back soon and I will keep you posted on every aspect of what we do, including the training of Gundogs and Il even include the odd post with Hints, tips and advice.

Congratulations to Ian English, Andy Platt and Terry Frost on there 1st, 2nd and 3rd places at Gunnerside.

Thanks for reading, Andrew

Saturday 15th July  2011

Sad day at sugar bullet gun dogs i had to have my first springer dog to sleep at 11 years old gutted . Smudge was the first bitch i started to train for rough shooting and beating she was so easy to train and also very cleaver dog. All of my dogs have been bred with her blood lines, badger court . All of my family will truly miss her. On a more happier note ,my open bitch Doncaster star who had a litter of 7 pups, are now 1 week old and are doing great . My friends bitch had a caesarian section and only had 1 pup dog but both are ok.

Andrew Whitehouse friday 29 july spanial club novice cocker ,thanks to steve and liz for allowing me to judge trial with jhon dickson wez thoms and terry frost ,congratulations to will clule who won .sat 30 july open cocker spanial club ran pipa in open qualifier had a good 1st run long tho 2nd run a bit scrappy got 3rd well done anita jones you deserved win .